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[News] Windows Firewall: Powered by GNU/Linux

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Open Source Portable Firewall Debuts

,----[ Quote ]
| The advantage, however, is that third-party developers can now access the 
| internal Linux command line interface to gain control over the device, and 
| can use a free SDK also being released by Yoggie to develop their own 
| applications.   



Hardware/software combo lets developers evaluate their Linux platforms

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Firewall Pico and Open Firewall SOHO, developed by Yoggie Security
| Systems, are open hardware firewalls based on the company's popular
| Gatekeeper technology. The Open Firewall products are Linux-based miniature
| computers with a 520-MHz ARM CPU, 128 Mbytes of RAM, and 128 Mbytes of flash
| memory. Using these products, developers, security professionals, and
| hobbyists can experiment with Yoggie's own open-source hardware firewall.
| Yoggie will release the source code to its firewall products in a full
| developer SDK, as well as source code to most of the applications on its
| platform.


Linux powered Yoggie goes open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Yoggie says it will release the source code to its powerful firewall products
| in a full developer SDK, as well as source code to most of the applications
| on its platform to enable the open source and hobbyist coder community to try
| their own scripts and experiment in real time on their own pocket version of
| a hardware firewall.


Yoggie Opens up its Miniature Hardware Firewall


Yoggie Pico

,----[ Quote ]
| Yoggie has a novel take on PC security -- rather than deal with anti-virus
| and parental control software that slows down your computer, just plug in
| this USB gadget. The Pico might look like flash storage, but it's actually a
| tiny Linux computer that polices your system. To really lock things down, you
| can make sure you PC won't get online without the Pico plugged in.    



An update on Yoggie GPL compliance

,----[ Quote ]
| Yoggie has sent me a link to forward on to you that shows the start
| of their open source license compliance. http://www.yoggie.com/Partners
| They have also asked me to communicate the fact that they are working
| hard to publishing all the relevant info asap and have their legal
| team and IT staff dealing with it in tandem.


Japanese MVNO offers XP users a tiny, Linux-based firewall

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux security device vendor Arxceo says its tiny Linux security
| appliance was used by Japanese MVNO JCI ("mobile virtual network
| operator") as the basis for the "Personal IPS" (intrusion
| prevention system), which aims to protect Windows XP laptops
| connected via WiFi, Ethernet, or JCI's PHS network.

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