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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Uses Shills to Attack Google with 'Studies'

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Study: Office fights off Google Docs threat

,----[ Quote ]
| A study examining the behavior of more than 2,000 Internet users over a 
| six-month period shows that Microsoft Office did not lose any ground to the 
| free Web-based Google Apps.  
| The study -- conducted by ClickStream Technologies -- is good news for 
| Microsoft as it prepares to put a version of Office online, which will 
| directly compete with Google's offering.  


Burton Group did this too... then got paid handsomely by the Vole.

Who is "ClickStream Technologies"? Let's find out.

The CEO is from Microsoft.

Cameron Turner
CEO and Cofounder
,----[ Quote ]
| Combining an extensive background in product research, data analysis, program 
| management, and software development, Cameron Turner co-founded ClickStream  
| Technologies in 2003. He developed the patent-pending technologies for data 
| collection deployed by ClickStream while earning an M.B.A. at Oxford 
| University’s Said Business School after spending eight years at Microsoft.  
| He speaks frequently at international conferences on software topics. While 
| at Microsoft, he conducted global market research for five versions of 
| Microsoft Office and also shipped several vertically focused products 
| including a solution for Sarbanes Oxley compliance. Cameron earned a B.A. in 
| Architecture from Dartmouth College and is an active member/speaker with 
| various Bay Area tech groups: Churchill Club, SOFTECH, Young CEOs Club, The 
| CIO Roundtable and BayCHI.          


Kim Anderson  
Senior Research Analyst
,----[ Quote ]
| A research veteran, Kim brings over 12 years of business management and 
| technology experience to ClickStream Technologies. Kim comes from Microsoft 
| Corporation as a researcher and strategist for the Office product team in 
| Redmond. Previously at Digeo, a Paul Allen start-up, she designed planning, 
| marketing and product requirements for their set-top box and spin-off 
| businesses. Kim graduated from Vanderbilt University with an M.B.A. and holds 
| a B.A. in Mathematics from Saint Mary's College.        


The so-called study is based on Windows-only malware on a small sample. Classic
Microsoft Slog!

"Working behind the scenes to orchestrate "independent" praise of our
technology, and damnation of the enemy's, is a key evangelism function during
the Slog. "Independent" analyst's report should be issued, praising your
technology and damning the competitors (or ignoring them). "Independent"
consultants should write columns and articles, give conference presentations
and moderate stacked panels, all on our behalf (and setting them up as experts
in the new technology, available for just $200/hour). "Independent" academic
sources should be cultivated and quoted (and research money
granted). "Independent" courseware providers should start profiting from their
early involvement in our technology. Every possible source of leverage should
be sought and turned to our advantage."


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