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[News] Asian and African Claimed Committed to Free Software

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Asian-African countries committed to using open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Indonesia and other countries in Asia and Africa are determined to strengthen 
| their commitment to using Open Source (OS) software instead of licensed  
| software which was mostly being monopolized by big companies, a research and 
| technology official said.  
| The resolve to use OS software would also be reaffirmed in an Asia-Africa 
| Conference on Open Source (AAOS) to be held November 18 to 19, 2008 in  
| Jakarta, Prof Dr Engkos Koswara, a senior advisor to the research and 
| technology minister, said here Thursday.  



Africa: 'Microsoft is Imperialistic' Says Open Source Advocates

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corporation's products have been locked out of the
| on-going World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi Kenya.
| With over 300 computers provided for participants and the press,
| organizers of the WSF have preferred to provide open source
| software products and blocked all Microsoft related products for
| the forum's usage and its related activities.
| [...]
| Activists at the forum also believe that since Microsoft is a
| corporate brand from the United States of America, a country
| they believe has intentions of maintaining the status quo of
| a unipolar world over which it is above international law and
| the UN, the brand should be locked out.
| [...]
| "The open source movement is providing Linux, a robust free
| software. Everybody owns it and it can be shared. And this
| is what WSF is all about - a free society, a movement
| fighting for ownership of free resources" he adds.

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