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[News] High-quality Linux Professional Interviews

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16 interviews with Linux Kernel hackers

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation has published a series of video interviews from the 
| annual Linux Kernel Summit held Sept. 15-16 in Portland, Oregon. In the 
| videos, 16 developers — including Linux creator Linus Torvalds (shown at 
| left) — discuss their development activities.   
| The Kernel Summit is an annual invitation-only meeting during which kernel 
| developers discuss the current state of the Linux kernel and plans for future 
| development.  



Torvalds attacks Microsoft over open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt among open source users, 
| Linus Torvalds said in an interview published last week. 
| [...]
| Microsoft could offer no response to Torvalds' comments at the time of 
| writing. 


Torvalds on Linux, MS, software's future

,----[ Quote
| CW: Didn't you fear you would lose intellectual property when you released 
| Linux? 
| Torvalds: I didn't think in those terms (and still don't). It was never about 
| intellectual property, it was about all the effort I had put in, and it was 
| about the project being something personal. But yes, I was a bit worried that 
| as a totally unknown developer in Finland, somebody would decide to just 
| ignore my license, and just use my code and not give back his changes. So it 
| worried me a bit. On the other hand, what did I really have to lose?     


Interview with Linus Torvalds

,----[ Quote ]
| We can’t start without a question: does Linux infinge Microsoft patents?
|     As far as we know, the answer is a resounding “no”, and it’s all
|     just MS trying to counter-act the fact that they have problems
|     competing with Linux on a technical side by trying to spread FUD.
| [....]
| What do you think about Novell and Microsoft’s agreement? Which future 
| developments will produce? And what about Red Hat’s events? 
|     I really don’t care. You’re asking all these marketing and
|     company questions, and the thing is, I’m not at all into it. I’m
|     totally uninterested. What I’m into is the technology, and working
|     together with people.

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