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Re: Microsoft stock at 10-year low

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____/ Terry Porter on Sunday 16 November 2008 00:05 : \____

> I guess it's time to remind ourselves that when a Wintroll says
> something, it's the opposite of what they say, that is actually true.

MS evangelism sa

    “All is not Fair”

    “o We are under close scrutiny”
    ” - Any unethical acts WILL BE uncovered”
    “o Besides - we’re the good guys!”
    “o Simple rule to live by: _Never Lie_”
    ” - Tell the truth, and nothing but the truth”
    ” - Be selective in which truths you emphasize”
    ” - Let the competition fill in the gaps” 

Document in http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/comes-3096.pdf

The guy wrote this says:


"[M]y presentation was such a hit with DRG’s management that I gave it in three
subsequent internal training sessions at (roughly) six-month intervals. DRG’s
management REQUIRED the attendance of all newly-hired evangelists at these
presentations, and the attendance & participation of all other evangelists was
recommended. The pace of hiring new evangelists then slowed, so it was not
necessary to give such internal training sessions thereafter. Microsoft had
not previously had any formal training seminars for newly-hired evangelists,
so far as I know (between 1992 and 1996). If you read the transcript of
the “offending” presentation, you’ll see that Marshall Goldberg — a senior
evangelist who had frequent meetings with Microsoft’s senior executives,
including Bill Gates — refers to me as being Microsoft’s “evangelism

The point being that Microsoft recognized that my presentations on evangelism
theory, strategy, and tactics — of which only one has been entered into the
public record, the others still being massively confidential — were, in fact,
the best embodiment of Microsoft’s evangelism “policy” that existed at the
time. Else, they would have used some other materials and presenter for
new-evangelist training, would they not?"

There you go. As [H]omer says, "a bunch of gangsters."

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