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[News] New Version of WordPress CMS Next Release

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WordPress 2.7 Beta 2: An Incremental Release With Exponential Additions

,----[ Quote ]
| Though I'm not as guilty of chronically changing content management/blogging 
| software as I am of switching up Linux distributions, I've used more than a 
| few in my day. I began using WordPress in its 1.x days, and moved through 
| Drupal, Mambo, and Joomla in a quest to see what really worked best for my 
| situation.    


WordPress (GPL) runs millions of Web sites.


Totally Free Wordpress Hosting

,----[ Quote ]
| Now I will explain the procedure I tested. Just keep in mind that while it 
| shows how to work with Wordpress blog engine, the idea can work for any other 
| web or other resource you'd like to use. I looked over the web for all sorts 
| of virtualization techniques, and the one I found to be the easiest is the 
| VMWare image of rPath Wordpress Appliance. It is the basic VMWare image of a 
| virtual computer, which includes all required software components needed to 
| run Wordpress. Its size is about 130Mb, which is while not that small, is not 
| big either - a connection to DSL would be enough to get it in about half an 
| hour.        


Open Source Rocks

,----[ Quote ]
| I've been doing a little work on a proof-of-concept for a new fully
| WordPress driven alexking.org site. I'm working off of the current WP
| trunk ("trunk" is the place bugs are created in any software), so naturally
| I ran into a couple of minor issues.
| After a brief IM conversation with Ryan to make sure I was fixing the
| issues correctly, I submitted a patch and minutes later it was
| committed. Fantastic!

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