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[News] Linux Development House Produces MagicMail

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LinuxMagic's Tuxedo

,----[ Quote ]
| The Canadian Linux development house LinuxMagic, founded in 1997, is a 
| subsidiary of the hosting and support company Wizard IT Services. From the 
| beginning, according to company president and CEO Michael Peddemors, 
| LinuxMagic has been focused on serving ISPs and telcos.   
| It was that focus, Peddemors says, that led to the development of 
| LinuxMagic's e-mail server, MagicMail. "Our niche market tended to be helping 
| people with problems surrounding all of the infrastructures that ISPs run—for 
| instance, their web servers, their mail servers, DNS servers… but the largest 
| amount of problems always seemed to surround e-mail," he says.     



Zarafa open sources Exchange alternative

,----[ Quote ]
| On the heels of the global Software Freedom Day this past weekend, Zarafa has
| released the full source code for its Exchange server alternative.


Editor's Note: An Exchange Killer, For Real. No, Really. Well, Maybe Not...

,----[ Quote ]
| While the big Linux news revolves around the desktop wars, one of the few
| remaining Redmond strongholds is the unholy MS Exchange/Outlook duo. For
| whatever reason, despite their innumerable defects, fragility, expense,
| cruddy performance, and friendliness to malware, businesses are reluctant to
| give them up. The two reasons I used to hear were the pain of migration, and
| users don't want to give up their Outlook. Migrating an existing data store
| away from Exchange is very difficult- by design, of course. (Why aren't all
| these smart college-educated business types asking themselves who owns their
| data?) But it can be done.


R.I.P. Exchange?

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the years, many of Microsoft monopolies have been successfully attacked
| by open source: Linux on the server; Apache for Web servers; Firefox for Web
| browsers; and so on.
| [...]
| Cisco is buying PostPath, and that is going to kick Exchange in the head. You
| see, is an open-source based server program that doesn't just do e-mail and
| groupware, it actually has reverse-engineered Microsoft Exchange's protocols.
| Result: To someone sitting at a desk looking at your copy of Outlook, you
| won't be able to tell the difference.


Open source could doom Exchange, one IT pro believes

,----[ Quote ]
| The following post is a guest blog from new Google Subnet blogger Garett
| Kopczynski who this week launched Network World's Google Watcher blog.
| Kopczynski is an IT professional for the city of Keene, N.H., and has been
| involved in the transformation of the IT group as it increasingly explores
| cloud computing and Google Apps. He writes: I am seeing the evidence of a
| fundamental shift to open source. The clunkiness of the IT world I have
| experience with brings to mind the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and
| mammals waited in the wings. As people are exposed to the possibilities of
| server side applications and program alternatives, I think they will feel
| less obliged to go with the current standard. AOL, for instance, was the
| easiest option for Internet in the 1990's, and yet it is no longer an
| indomitable presence. Open source could spell extinction for the current IT
| standards.


Microsoft Exchange dumped for Linux-based clone

,----[ Quote ]
| After conducting an evaluation of alternatives, the hospital decided not to
| upgrade to a newer version of Exchange. Instead, it went with a  Linux-based
| Exchange clone that it felt could meet the needs of its 700 users without
| forcing them and IT to learn a whole new system.



U.S. judge orders Intel to try to recover e-mails

,----[ Quote ]
| Farnan gave Intel 30 days to recover as many of the missing e-mails
| as possible and to draw up a report on the steps it is taking to do
| so, Mulloy said.


AMD: Intel Destroyed Evidence in Antitrust Case

,----[ Quote ]
| In an unpublished statement to the U.S. District Court of Delaware,
| AMD alleges Intel allowed the destruction of evidence in pending
| antitrust litigation.


Microsoft dirty tricks, part two (Bob Cringely)

,----[ Quote ]
| "So the outside vendor was Hewlett-Packard, one of Microsoft's
| hardware OEMs, which is to say Microsoft's bitch.
| The tape disappearance was blamed on HP, which  accepted the blame,
| and the employees directly involved kept expecting there to be
| repurcussions, especially legal ones.  They expected to be deposed by
| Burst lawyers.  But it never happened.
| This was, for Microsoft, a perfect ending. ..."


,---[ Quote ]
| In May 2004, Judge J. Frederick Motz ordered Microsoft to
| investigate Burst.com's claim that, in 2000, Allchin ordered
| Microsoft employees to destroy email after 30 days and not to
| archive their email, suggesting that this deletion policy
| might be an effort to eliminate material that would later be
| damaging in court. This case was settled out of court in March
| 2005, with Microsoft agreeing to pay Burst.com $60 million
| for nonexclusive rights to Burst.com's media player software.


Bush team deletes embarrassing emails

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the Washington Post, countless e-mails to and from
| many key White House staffers have been deleted to avoid
| congressional subpoenas.


Virgin Media taps Microsoft in lengthy email outage

,----[ Quote ]
| A mysterious configuration problem was identified on one of VM's eight email
| server clusters last Wednesday. Microsft engineers have struggled to identify
| the cause, forcing several reboots.  


[Australia:] WA infrastructure dept close to e-mail disaster

,----[ Quote ]
| Western Australia's Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI)
| has revealed its Microsoft Exchange-based e-mail system is
| suffering frequent outages that are creating a risk of
| embarrassing public data loss.


Why Exchange could be in trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| Because Exchange is a whole other world, and, even with the large
| Exchange community, I find it equally opaque at times.
| So, for now at least, we went to the tried and true
| Postfix+Courier-IMAP solution that is ever so common in
| UNIX shops, companies that are open to using Linux, and ISPs.


Specsavers opens eyes to open source

,----[ Quote ]
| The group aims to have made the same transition across all its 960
| stores with Redhat, a version of the Linux open source operating
| system, being used to run its retail computer terminals. Four
| thousand of these have been transitioned so far, with another
| 4,000 still to be done in other countries.
| Its point of sale machines will also be moved to Linux, as will
| the servers running its stores and regional headquarters. The
| firm's large-scale data centre in Guernsey will be running Sun
| Solaris. It has also invested in an open source accounting
| package to run its financials outside the UK, which it is under
| an agreement not to name. The UK system won't change, said Khan,
| because he believed that "if it ain't broke, you don't fix it".


Read the Exchange 2007 small print

,----[ Quote ]
| Hmmm. Simplification? Sounds more like a way for Microsoft to wring
| more dollars from customers, to me.


Exchange 2007 facing integration issues with other Microsoft software

,----[ Quote ]
| In a nutshell, Exchange 2007 can't run on Microsoft's most
| current virtualization software, Exchange's management tools
| won't run on the just released Vista desktop operating system
| and the 64-bit messaging server is not compatible with Microsoft's
| forthcoming 64-bit server operating system called Longhorn.
| [...]
| In any case, users are already reacting, especially in regards to |
| virtualization, which has become a hot bed of networking activity, as well
| as, a major area of competition for Microsoft with VMWare and open source
| Xen on Linux platforms


Users, analysts: No rush to adopt Exchange 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows Vista isn't the only recently released Microsoft software
| that will give users headaches when they upgrade their systems.
| Corporate users, partners, and analysts said upgrading to Exchange
| Server 2007 from previous versions also may be a lengthy and
| painful process for companies, which may want to take a
| wait-and-see approach to the new software.


Open source email is the future - Synaq

,----[ Quote ]
| "We continue to receive very positive feedback from clients that have
| committed to a migration from traditional email platforms, Exchange and other
| messaging infrastructure. Clearly, there is an association between
| Linux-based technology and benefits such as improved operational efficiency,
| higher levels of infrastructure management and control, as well as lower
| total cost of ownership," he adds.      


Multifunction Open-Source Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| For example, 23% of the nearly 1,000 IT managers and C-level executives who
| responded to the survey said they planned to migrate from Microsoft’s
| Exchange Server (www.microsoft.com) and replace it with a Linux
| (www.linux.org) or open-source messaging platform in the next 12 to 18
| months.    


Microsoft quietly patches Windows Live OneCare to fix Outlook problems

,----[ Quote ]
| As noted by various Microsoft watchers, the OneCare-Outlook problems are
| not new. A number of customers have been reporting "OneCare ate my e-mail"
| problems since late January.


Vista: What To Do When You Cannot Delete a Message in Windows Mail

,----[ Quote ]
| A number of users are experiencing problems with Windows Mail and
| deleting messages from the Inbox and Outbox. The message will first
| become unviewable in the reading pane and will then generate an
| error when you try to delete it.


Microsoft looking into Hotmail, Messenger problems

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft engineers were looking into problems with Windows Live
| Hotmail and Live Messenger on Thursday after users reported
| problems getting onto the services.


Small Player Scores Big Open-Source Win

,----[ Quote ]
| In the scrappy open-source software world--where software is developed
| in the open, rather than within the confines of corporate
| patents--successes are hard-won and often come in small chunks.
| Typically it's a few thousand government employees in Munich,
| Brasilia, or Amsterdam who begin using the Linux operating system
| or the Open Office suite of business programs, shunning comparable
| offerings from the likes of Microsoft.
| But a deal announced Feb. 26 was on an entirely different scale.
| 1&1 Internet, the world's largest Web hosting company, said it
| will roll out 1 million e-mail accounts this year running on
| Open-Xchange's open-source software.

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