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[News] Novell Loses Trust of the Community After Latest Move

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Novell makes itself even harder to trust

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, though, Novell seems determined to weaken the same Linux world by 
| forcing it to fight with itself. This couldn’t be better news for competitors 
| such as Microsoft.  
| A software patent agreement with Microsoft was also the first hint that 
| Novell was just after a quick buck. This most recent plan pretty much seals 
| that reputation.  
| It also suggests that Novell is struggling; struggling to convince users to 
| deploy its software and struggling to get migration deals signed. So it turns 
| on the community that helped it avoid an untimely death and devises new ways 
| to destroy it.   


Novell bid to cannibalise Linux market

,----[ Quote ]
| Earlier this year, there was evidence that things were not exactly rosy at 
| Novell, with Microsoft deciding to invest an additional $100 million for the 
| purchase of certificates which customers could redeem for SUSE Linux service 
| and support.   
| Back to the announcement ; some of the prose employed tells its own tale. 
| Justin Steinman, vice-president of Solution and Product Marketing at Novell, 
| is quoted as saying: “As the Linux market matures, we are increasingly being 
| approached by customers who want to move to SUSE Linux Enterprise, attracted 
| by Novell's award-winning support, superb interoperability in mixed-source 
| environments, and by our support for mission critical applications."     
| The Linux market matured a long time back and if one has to cite awards to 
| justify one's competence in the field of operating systems, then one is 
| really beginning to clutch at straws.  
| And as to mission critical applications, is he trying to say that Red Hat 
| does not offer equal - and, in my opinion, better - support? 
| Red Hat has wisely chosen to stay mum. I am sure that the people at the top 
| knew quite well what kind of reaction this Novell marketing manoeuvre would 
| bring forth.  
| What's next, Novell? Lehman Brothers share certificates for those who buy 
| SUSE Linux? 


Lawrence D'Oliveiro says: "Just ask Oracle. Anybody using its "Unbreakable"
Linux? ... (crickets) ..."

Novell vs. Red Hat: Linux vs. Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Joint Windows/Linux support is something that a lot of businesses need. That 
| said, Novell working hand-in-glove with Microsoft doesn't go over at all well 
| with many Linux users. Boycott Novell, after all, which serves as the 
| lightning rod for resentment against Novell and Microsoft working together, 
| is a very popular site.    



Chickens Pecking Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell-- meh. Once upon a time they were a determined, though unfortunately
| incompetent competitor to Microsoft. They had a network OS that supported
| pretty much anything you could throw into it, with all of the identity
| management and resource management and interoperability you could want. Now
| they're little better than a branch of Microsoft. It's a good thing the
| openSUSE project is slowly becoming more independent, because SUSE is worth
| salvaging.

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