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[News] GNU/Linux an Educational Route for Kids

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Child’s Play: Linux Conversion Through Education

,----[ Quote ]
| Successful and peaceful conversion of a population to any new concept occurs 
| through its children. If you want to make people recycle plastic bottles, 
| start a recycling program in Elementary School. Do you want to introduce a 
| new type of mathematics? Introduce it in Elementary School. Do you have an 
| internationally accepted system of measurement that you want everyone to use? 
| OK, that last one doesn’t count.     



My Vietnamese student using the Asus Eee PC

,----[ Quote ]
| On Friday, I was so surprised to see one of my 8th Grade Students, Candy,
| using the simplified desktop with her Eee PC.  She was even using StarOffice,
| the propriety version of OpenOffice, with little difficulty.  Linux is
| difficult, eh?  Well, I doubt she really could tell the difference between
| Windows and Linux anyway :-)


Dell Mini 9 and Other Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| The modified Ubuntu OS is one of it’s stronger points. It works well and
| combines the ease of use of the eee Xandros tabbed OS with the power of the
| full Ubuntu desktop. In fact, you can switch back and forth between the
| launch bar and a regular desktop via a new menu option. The launch bar has
| nice effects with zooming in on each category’s apps while bluring the
| background. It gives it a very modern and professional feel. Students who
| tested it didn’t comment at all about the UI being different (in contrast,
| they all complain about not knowing how to use the new iMacs we have).


Switching your kids to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| P.S. They all seem to like KDE4 in Intrepid. If you haven't tried KDE4, you
| really ought to give it a shot even if you're a true Gnome fan. I suspect you
| may be pleasantly surprised.

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