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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Becomes More Open About Its briberies

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Microsoft bets future on search bribery

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft wants you to know that its Live Search bribery program has 
| seen "positive traction," claiming that searchified cashback offers have 
| resulted in a significant return on investment for its advertisers. The 
| question is whether Microsoft will ever see ROI for itself.   



Bribing Bloggers

,----[ Quote ]
| It's a bribe. Period. You say nice things about us, you get nice
| things from us. Heck, just say neutral things about us-we'll give
| you a killer new laptop and we know that you'll be inclined to say
| better things about us.


Microsoft Steps Up Program To Bribe Users To Search

,----[ Quote
| Apparently Microsoft's ongoing program to bribe users to use its search
| engine wasn't getting enough attention, and the company seems to be upping
| the ante. At least for a little while, it's now giving 25% cash back on eBay
| purchases (limited to $200).


Microsoft ups search engine bribe

,----[ Quote
| As part of its ongoing effort to shrink the Google gap with shameless
| bribery, Microsoft is now offering 25 per cent off eBay purchases made by way
| of its Live Search engine.


More Microsoft Live Search Bribery

,----[ Quote ]
| Just using Microsoft online services isn't enough to get your ticket punched,
| though. You must run Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher) when you use those
| services. Even visiting getsearchperks.com with Firefox or Opera is a futile
| exercise; you will have to start IE to see what goodies the site has to
| offer. Oh, and if you sign up you'll have to install the Perk Counter toolbar
| to let Microsoft keep track of your tickets.


Ex-Microsoft boss sentenced


Former Microsoft Manager Gets 2 Years In Jail


Microsoft Battles Low-Cost Rival for Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| In Nigeria, Microsoft proposed paying $400,000 last year under a
| joint-marketing agreement to a government contractor it was trying to
| persuade to replace Linux with Windows on thousands of school laptops. The
| contractor's former chief executive describes the proposal as an incentive to
| make the switch -- an interpretation Microsoft denies. In Namibia and
| Nigeria, where it has sought government contracts, the company hired family
| members of government officials. Microsoft says they were qualified.
| [...]
| On Oct. 30, Mandriva announced it had won the contract to provide Linux
| software for the Classmates. Microsoft didn't give up. The next day, it
| delivered TSC a revised draft agreement with an "effective date" of Nov. 1,
| documents show. It offered to pay $400,000 to TSC. In the revised agreement,
| there no longer was any mention of TSC having to comply with Microsoft's code
| of conduct.
| In an Oct. 31 email, TSC told Mandriva that there had been a "change in
| circumstances," and that it "has recently reached an understanding with
| Microsoft to convert" the Classmates from Linux to Windows.
| Mandriva's chief executive, Francois Bancilhon, responded by posting "an open
| letter to Steve Ballmer," Microsoft's CEO, on Mandriva's Web site. "What have
| you done to these guys to make them change their mind like this?" he
| wrote. "It's quite clear to me, and it will be to everyone. How do you call
| what you just did, Steve? There are various names for it, I'm sure you know
| them." Mr. Bancilhon declined to elaborate on his letter.
| In the end, the joint-marketing agreement was never signed, and the Microsoft
| deal unraveled. Microsoft says it gave up after "it became clear" that the
| Nigerian government wanted Linux.
| The laptops were delivered with Linux.


Microsoft bribes again?

,----[ Quote ]
| But, if as appears may be the case Microsoft is letting people have Dell XPS
| M1330 laptops with 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processors and 3GBs of RAM
| on 'indefinite loans (wink, wink) then it's a bribe in my book. What do you
| think? If you knew someone had been given a PC with a list price of $1,956
| and then wrote nice things about the operating system that came with it would
| you be inclined to think that they might be just a wee bit influenced by the
| almost two grand worth of computer?

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