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[News] More Important Features in Popular Free Software

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Zenoss Adds Native VMware Management, Extends Platform for Enterprises and
Cloud Services Providers 

,----[ Quote ]
| "Two of the biggest issues currently facing IT are virtualization and 
| shrinking budgets," said Erik Dahl, CTO of Zenoss. "Zenoss 2.3 addresses both 
| of these head on with a powerful monitoring solution for both physical and 
| virtual environments that not only costs less to acquire, but also saves time 
| and manpower through quick installation, auto-discovery of infrastructure 
| assets, and drop-in performance templates."     


Open Source Apps Go Live with One-Click Deployment to Morph AppSpace

,----[ Quote ]
| Manila, Philippines - Morph Labs, a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) 
| provider, today announced the availability of a suite of open source business 
| productivity Web applications that are ready to be deployed to Morph 
| AppSpace, the company’s on-demand platform for Web applications. The open 
| source applications include El Dorado, Substruct, Tracks, Radiant CMS, and 
| Beast. An introductory video that demonstrates the auto-install feature is 
| available at http://www.mor.ph/library_videos.      


That would spread a lot of Free software.


Hard Times: Open Source's New Big Test

,----[ Quote ]
| Grim financial times are not "ahead"; they're here, now. Belt-tightening and
| budget-butchering across the board are the order of the day. Now's the time
| for commercial vendors of open source to show what they're made of: if they
| can weather this, they can weather anything.


Open source is about belief in code

,----[ Quote ]
| After every collapse, under the open source principle, we start from a higher
| level. What looks in the proprietary world like rubble is, in an open source
| world, gold ore.
| This may sound like pollyanna to you now, but it’s important and, best of
| all, real. If your faith in Wall Street has been shaken, remember that in
| open source you’re not starting at ground zero but on a higher level of code.
| Open source was made for times like this. You don’t have to believe in it.
| Just use it.


Compiere Closes Third Quarter with Continued Global Expansion and 195 Percent

,----[ Quote ]
| Compiere, Inc., the global leader in open source business solutions, this
| week closed a strong third quarter during which the company reports a 195
| percent revenue growth for Q3 2008 compared to Q3 2007, as well as a 59
| percent growth in subscribers. In addition, the company continued its global
| expansion by adding partners in North America, Europe, Middle East and
| Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.


Stay secure despite crunch

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software packages are another option from companies who want to
| reduce the cost of their IT security. There are numerous examples of
| open-source security products that are used by businesses around the world.
| Clam AB is a well regarded anti-virus package.
| According to Gavin Henrick from open source consultancy Enovation, Clam AB is
| a viable option for Irish firms looking for an alternative to
| subscription-based products like Norton Anti-Virus. Similarly, Snort is a
| popular open source network intrusion prevention and detection system.


Open source in a time of recession

,----[ Quote ]
| Something new will emerge from this recession but open source enters it on a
| fairly mature level. The legal framework and values of it are established.
| There are serious open source players.


Can Ruby, Rails Make Developers Shine in a Downturn?

,----[ Quote ]
| Will specialty coding skills help developers ride out the financial crisis?
| Some say environments like Ruby and Ruby on Rails may enable developers to
| fare better in times of financial stress because they can do more with less
| and be more productive. Others say that argument is a stretch.


What Will Economy Do to Open Source?

,----[ Quote ]
| In a tough economy, it’s no surprise to see more stories about CIOs who want
| to do more with less and those who are looking to open source to do that.
| After all, it is “priced right” as Linux Foundation executive director Jim
| Zemlin told eWEEK recently.


Open Source To The Rescue In Hard Times

,----[ Quote ]
| It's a spiel that makes a lot of sense on the face of it. Switch to open
| source and you'll not only save money (who doesn't want to do that?) but
| guard yourself against the unexpected repercussions of these financially grim
| days.


Ballmer says Microsoft not immune from global crisis


Microsoft loses 90 Billion Dollars


Ex-Microsoft boss sentenced


Former Microsoft Manager Gets 2 Years In Jail

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