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Re: [News] Internet Privacy is Dead, Everyone is a Suspected Terrorist

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____/ Homer on Friday 14 November 2008 00:09 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Government plans for 'black box' web surveillance take shape
> How do they propose to monitor and log Internet traffic, if it is routed
> through encrypted VPN tunnels to non-MLAT jurisdictions?
> Lemme guess, are they going to block VPN next?
> Which of the 65535 ports will they block?
> Maybe they'll just block everything except port 80 (whoops, no - VPN can
> use that port too).
> Maybe they'll ban *all* communications with Russia, China, Panama, Iran,
> etc., but then how will they deal with cascading VPN through non-blocked
> countries?
> Maybe they'll use DPI to identify and block *all* encrypted traffic, but
> then what will they do if VPN starts utilising steganography to mask the
> datastream signature into something innocuous like a photo or video? Are
> they going to ban those too?
> Eventually these nuts will either have to give up, or take their fascist
> agenda to its ultimate conclusion, by just "switching off" the Internet;
> telephones; radio; and any other form of remote communication, devolving
> mankind into a pre-civilisation state of isolation, where our only means
> of communication is face-to-face or by letter. What will they do then to
> satisfy their irrepressible paranoia? Will they open all our snail-mail;
> assign a secret-service "tail" to every man, woman and child, to monitor
> and record every word they say and everything they do? What next - brain
> implants to monitor and record our *thoughts*? How desperate are they to
> turn us all into their slaves?
>> British Government Violates Copyright
> Yeah, not only are they fascists, but they're a bunch of hypocrites too.

There was a good discussion about this at the time, particularly when the
bigheads said that some terrorists use Twitter (well, they also use tools like
paper, pen, voice, E-mail, sign language). 

My guess is that they already put back doors in encryption algorithms (either a
trapdoor or an area that's possible to crack quickly with a supercomputing...
an Achilles heel). Bruce Schneier wrote something about this at the time.

Terrorists (the /real/ ones) already encrypt their traffic using their own
algorithms, IIRC. Get the 21st-century Turings to crack Enigma 2.0... don't
kill protocols and filter traffic.

Governments are more afraid of dissidence/independent thinking, especially now
that Federal corruption led to the Second Great Depression. To use laws
against protesters as though they are terrorist is _disgusting_.

Recommended site (must see):


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