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[News] More Learning and Test Driving GNU/Linux

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Learn Ubuntu with Hackett and Bankwell

,----[ Quote ]
| In my experience, when you yank someone’s Windows workstation away from them 
| and replace it with Linux, there are all sorts of little problems. These 
| little problems might be easily dismissed by a Linux enthusiast, but the 
| reality is that the user ought to be comfortable using the tool you’ve 
| provided them, and if they’re not comfortable they won’t like it. A harsh, 
| arbitrary transition does more to damage the experience of using Linux — and 
| by association Free Software — than does a gradual, planned, and supported 
| transition.       


Test Driving Linux With Holonyx And Emprise™ 5000

,----[ Quote ]
| When Kopcho and Chief Technology Officer Garret Acott learned of Xiotech's 
| new Emprise 5000 system, they knew it was what they needed for the Linux Test 
| Drive project to take off. The solution delivered the performance the project 
| demanded, reliability to virtually eliminate service events, and scalability 
| to accommodate any future growth.    



Linux Professional Institute hosts seminar at Higher Colleges of Technology in
Abu Dhabi

,----[ Quote ]
| The seminar also touched on a number of subjects including upcoming trends
| and opportunities in Linux and Open Source Software, IT workforce
| development, and the growing importance of LPI certification in the
| advancement of Linux professionalism.


Webinars offer fast-boot tips


Free Web Seminars from MontaVista and Freescale Provide Tips and Techniques For
Improving Embedded Linux(TM) Startup Time

,----[ Quote ]
| [T]wo free web seminars on improving embedded Linux Startup time, presented
| with Freescale(TM) Semiconductor, OpenSystems Media and Christopher Hallinan,
| author of Embedded Linux Primer, the number one-selling book on embedded
| Linux.


UK Workshop to Help Engineers Understand the Transition from A Traditional RTOS
to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Systems has announced that it is to run a series of embedded engineering
| workshops. The first of these will focus on the migration of software from a
| traditional RTOS to the Linux operating system.


Red Hat technicians offered second shot at glory

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software specialist Opennet has come up with a novel way of
| ensuring there is enough Linux talent in the market, by giving prospective
| Red Hat experts who fail to obtain their technician's certification another
| bite of the cherry for free.


The Russian Post Migrates to Linux - The institution has started testing Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| If the experiment turns out to be a success, then more than 42 thousand post
| offices with more than 125 thousand computers will switch to the Linux-based
| software. The installation will be first performed on the workstations of
| public Internet access points.


All Russian Schools to Use Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| I've often lamented how few schools in the UK use free software, and how
| difficult it is to break the lock that Microsoft has on the entire
| educational system. The pathetic state here is highlighted by contrast with
| Russia, which is making amazing strides in rolling out open source to
| schools.

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