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[News] Blobvidia Loses Market Share to Free Software-friendly ATI

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Nvidia loses market share to AMD

,----[ Quote ]
| Helped along by its new line, AMD managed to power its way from 35 per cent 
| market share in Q2 to 40 per cent in Q3, as well as forcing Nvidia and its 
| band of not so merry partners to slash prices on its recently-released GTX 
| 200 series.   



Nvidia settles price-fixing lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| Nvidia has settled a class action lawsuit that alleges it conspired with AMD
| to fix graphics chip prices.
| The proposed settlement, outlined in the company's latest filing with the US
| Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), offers initial plaintiffs $112,500
| and a further $1.7m to all the others who subsequently signed up when the
| lawsuit attained class-action status.


Nvidia chipsets are defective too

,----[ Quote ]
| LOOKS LIKE THOSE wacky folk at Nvidia are at it again, changing perfectly
| good chipsets for no reason. If you recall, they changed the G86 parts and
| the G92/G92b as well, for no reason.


Nvidia reshuffles execs

,----[ Quote ]
| AS NVIDIA CONTINUES its process of laying off 360 people by the end of
| October, it seems some upper level Nvidians are getting shifted around, too.


Nvidia sued for violations of federal securities law

,----[ Quote ]
| The suit, filed in the Northern District Of California, San Jose branch by
| Shalov, Stone, Bonner and Rocco, LLP alleges violation of federal securities
| laws.
| The suit is nothing shocking if you have been following the Nvidia bad chips
| fiasco.


Analyst says AMD gaining ground vs. Intel, Nvidia

,----[ Quote ]
| An analyst said Friday that Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the struggling chip
| giant, appeared to be gaining some ground on rivals Intel Corp. and Nvidia
| Corp.
| But Craig Berger of Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co. also said AMD's stated
| goal to revamp its manufacturing operations, a change dubbed "asset lite,"
| has become more important as the chip giant potentially faces another "cash
| crunch."


Nvidia chipsets are history

,----[ Quote ]
| THERE ARE A ton of 'rumors' floating around about Nvidia giving up the ghost
| on it's ailing chipset division. Nvidia is desperately trying to deny it, but
| don't believe the spin, the division is deader than an Nvidia mobile GPU.


How Closed Does Nvid[i]a want to Be?

,----[ Quote ]
| Not so much staying closed, as closing down....


Nvidia "opens can of whoop-ass" on itself

,----[ Quote ]
| Nvidia is going to lose gobs and gobs of market share this year. They are
| effectively out of notebooks, will lose the high end in days, don't have
| anything close to a competitive line-up, have higher costs than ATI, and have
| to shell out money to keep partners alive. If you think this is bad, wait a
| little.


Kernel space: drivers that don't make the kernel scene

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux supports most hardware "out of the box" without adding a driver. Most
| of the missing drivers are proprietary, from uncooperative manufacturers, but
| there are a few where the license is right but the actual code is still
| missing. Why?


How NVidia impedes Free Desktop adoption.

,----[ Quote ]
| nvidia.ko: The NVidia driver is the single component in a KDE4 / Free
| Operating system stack causing us most of the hard-to-solve problems. In
| other words, nvidia.ko has grave technical shortcomings.


Linux Foundation points finger at Nvidia

,----[ Quote ]
| Though a statement issued Monday does not cite Nvidia by name, Linux
| Foundation Technical Advisory Board Chair James Bottomley cited Nvidia in a
| phone interview. "My intent is to point out the problems Nvidia has been
| causing themselves with their binary-only (drivers)," he said. "They are
| certainly one of the few companies sticking to a binary-only strategy."
| Binary-only means the drivers are essentially closed.


Position Statement on Linux Kernel Modules


NVidia says no to request to release open source drivers, once again

,----[ Quote ]
| Nvidia reiterated that it won’t provide open source drivers for Linux because
| the company claims there is no need for it.
| Nvidia provides binary Linux drivers and has open sourced some drivers such
| as the nv X driver and other utilities that work with the proprietary driver,
| including the installer, config and settings.The company is a leading
| provider of graphics cards and software for the desktop and embraces a cross
| platform strategy.

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