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[News] Wintel Press Explains How Intellectual Monopolies Kill Inventors

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Patent Office Stifles Innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| Information Age innovators need not apply. At least that's the implied 
| message being stretched like police tape across the door of the U.S. Patent & 
| Trademark Office (USPTO). The agency seems fixated on eliminating the last, 
| true, sustainable American advantage: our capacity to innovate.   


Google still up to bad things:

Google Patents Searching Through Multiple Categories At Once

,----[ Quote ]
| What's unclear to me is how anyone "skilled in the art" could consider this a 
| non-obvious solution. This is (and was) the sort of evolutionary improvement 
| that pretty much anyone in the space would have known was coming to search 
| engines.   



Intellectual Property Regime Stifles Science and Innovation, Nobel Laureates

,----[ Quote ]
| Patent monopolies are believed to drive innovation but they actually impede
| the pace of science and innovation, Stiglitz said. The current “patent
| thicket,” in which anyone who writes a successful software programme is sued
| for alleged patent infringement, highlights the current IP system’s failure
| to encourage innovation, he said.
| Another problem is that the social returns from innovation do not accord with
| the private returns associated with the patent system, Stiglitz said. The
| marginal benefit from innovation is that an idea may become available sooner
| than it might have. But the person who secures the patent on it wins a
| long-term monopoly, creating a gap between private and social returns.

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