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[News] Free Software Advocated by Key Person in New Zealand

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Open source key to a hi-tech NZ: Digital Strategy leader

,----[ Quote ]
| As a key architect of the New Zealand's Digital Strategy, Janet Mazenier had 
| her pick of job offers when she left the role last year. But rather than 
| accept one of several corporate offers, she instead opted to become an open 
| source evangelist for Wellington firm Catalyst IT.   



2008 New Zealand Open Source Awards

,----[ Quote ]
| There was even drama on the stage. Colin Jackson gave the Minister some stick
| over the ISP-hostile DMCA-esque provisions of the latest Copyright Act being
| snuck in after the bill had passed the Select Committee without it. Then I,
| as part of my speech above Matthew, got to observe that the transparency of
| the Standards NZ process was something that New Zealand could be proud
| of--unlike the ACTA and US Free Trade agreements which are being negotiated
| in secret and have considerable potential to interfere with the computer
| industry. The Minister stood up afterward and extended an offer to us and the
| relevant industry representatives to meet the appropriate people after a
| Cabinet meeting and go over our objections with the people who need to hear
| them.


Awards recognise open source leaders

,----[ Quote ]
| The second annual Open Source Awards were held in Wellington last night,
| handing out awards to open source software users and developers who have made
| an impact at home and abroad.


New Zealand Open Source Awards 2008 open for nominations

,----[ Quote
| New Zealand Open Source Awards 2008 open for nominations The 2008 New Zealand
| Open Source Awards are open for nominations until 18 July 2008. This year's
| Awards will focus particularly on achievements over the last twelve months
| and follow the successful inaugural event in 2007.


Strong line-up for second open source awards

,----[ Quote ]
| Among the finalists for the second Open Source Awards are an online document
| converter, a typesetting engine and the State Services Commission’s broadband
| map.
| [...]
| The sponsors were keen to do it again too, both industry giants, such as
| Google, Red Hat and Sun Microsystems, as well as local players, says Daish.


Radio NZ rolls out Ogg Vorbis

,----[ Quote ]
| Hulse says the use of Ogg Vorbis has been in the planning stage for a while,
| but was delayed while he worked out a way to rationalise Radio New Zealand’s
| storage.


Broadband map released under open source policy

,----[ Quote ]
| The State Services Commission, which contracted local companies to develop
| the map, has formally allowed release of the map’s code under an open source
| licence. This will allow other developers to add new ideas to the map and
| other users, such as local and perhaps overseas governments and people with
| other mapping applications to adapt the code to their own uses.


Kiwi web collaboration outfit goes open

,----[ Quote ]
| A couple of weeks back, a small New Zealand-based company, OnlineGroups.Net,
| released the source code for its online collaboration platform, GroupServer.
| When a big company releases source code for anything, it's often termed a
| risky move. For a small company, the risks are more or less the same.


Standards NZ asks Microsoft staffer to 'rectify' statements

,----[ Quote
| Standards New Zealand has asked a Microsoft employee to rectify statements
| made in an email to the Trinidad & Tobago Computing Society about New Zealand
| OOXML advisor Matthew Holloway.
| The emails were sent as standards organisations around the world engage in
| sometimes heated debate over whether Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) file
| format should be accepted as a standard alongside the Open Document Format.


Open source and hiring: Is NZ behind the times?

,----[ Quote ]
| While being involved in hiring decisions in the Silicon Valley through my
| work with US clients, I can definitely confirm this. Knowing your way around
| open source, being familiar with open source tool chains and the like are all
| valuable skills to have. More and more businesses are built on top of open
| source technologies, so therefore many employers demand these skills and
| employees want to further these skills.

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