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[News] Special-Purpose Tools Turn to Linux Appliances

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The Rise of Virtual Appliances

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux-based appliances have other advantages as well. The operating system is 
| free, most of the applications are free, and it’s easy to maintain locally or 
| remotely. Of its advantages, perhaps the most compelling of all is its 
| customizability including the ability to install a fully functional Linux 
| system within a very small (~500MB) footprint using a system known as JeOS 
| (Just Enough OS)– pronounced “juice.” Most virtual appliance vendors begin 
| with a JeOS system as a base system for a virtual appliance.      


Slitaz to the rescue

,----[ Quote ]
| One last thing: It’s funny to think that a year ago, Slitaz would barely have 
| crossed my mind as a solution — DSL is just the automatic chant whenever 
| someone needs a recovery distro. But these days, there’s just no better tool 
| that Slitaz for getting into a machine of any configuration, and making it 
| work. I’m more than willing to add this little miracle distro to my list of 
| favorites. Which means I have … four now? :shock: So many distros, so little 
| time.      



Test Center review: Specialty Linuxes to the rescue

,----[ Quote ]
| In this article, we examine three kinds of "Linux as tool" distributions that
| can help you in a pinch: small-footprint Linuxes, whose boot and runtime
| images fit in cramped spaces; Linuxes for old hardware, which are designed to
| execute on systems you might otherwise push to the back of a closet; and
| system-rescue Linuxes for recovering lost data from crashed systems.



Or you could just use Slitaz

,----[ Quote ]
| Either way the Slitaz crew is doing some amazing things, and every time I
| look at it, I’m impressed. If you’re sitting on an old machine and want to
| inject some speed into it, I highly recommend experimenting with this one.
| You will not be disappointed, and you might just be saving yourself hours of
| compiling to get the same level of performance. I would have.


Jott outta beta, and SliTaz is the boss

,----[ Quote ]
| SliTaz boots with Syslinux, a lightweight bootloader, and "provides more than
| 200 Linux commands, [including] the LightTPD web server, SQLite database,
| rescue tools, IRC client, SSH client/server powered by Dropbear, X window
| system, JWM (Joe's Window Manager), gFTP, Geany IDE, Mozilla Firefox,
| Alsaplayer, Gparted, a sound file editor and much more." SliTaz also comes
| with a hard disk installer, a CD image remastering program, and a utility
| that installs SliTaz onto a USB drive. And all of this is designed to fit in
| an ISO image of less than 30 MB that expands to around 80MB on installation!


gOS: The Ubuntu giant killer?

,----[ Quote ]
| There’s a lot to like in this release of gOS, but Ubuntu fans have nothing to
| be worried about. This ain’t gonna topple the world’s favorite Linux anytime
| soon. Indeed, it’s not in gOS’ interest to do that. And I don’t really think
| that’s the intention anyway. The gOS guys seem to have OEM partnerships in
| mind. This is pretty smart, but it’s just one small component of Ubuntu’s
| plans for world domination.
| I really liked the Google/web 2.0 integration of gOS, and it works
| surprisingly well. I must confess that I had expected to hate it. But I
| wonder why there isn’t an existing Ubuntu-sponsored project to meet the same
| ends. This is such an obvious avenue to travel down that it’s surprising only
| gOS is doing so.


SliTaz live CD: small but beautifully marked

,----[ Quote ]
| When I came across the oddly named SliTaz I really didn’t know what to
| expect. Yet another predictable fork of some better known distro which would
| blaze briefly in the free software firmament, burn out and fall to Earth,
| spent? Boy, was I ever wrong. If you want to know why Switzerland may be
| about to become better known for more than chocolate and Cuckoo clocks, read
| on and be prepared to be impressed and delighted by a live distro of
| exceptional speed and size.


SliTaz, a mighty micro Linux distro

,----[ Quote ]
| SliTaz is a new micro GNU/Linux live distribution designed to run from RAM (a
| recommended minimum of 128MB) and installable to a hard drive or USB device.
| The current version, SliTaz 1.0, weighs in at a light 24.8MB and provides a
| nice selection of applications that run on a lightweight desktop. You can
| store user data and settings on persistent media, and support for more than
| 400 additional download packages is available.


A second look at Slitaz 1.0: turns out it has a lot of potential

,----[ Quote ]
| But in its "raw" configuration, Slitaz is a 25 MB ISO — smaller than Puppy
| Linux and Damn Small Linux, and with fewer apps as well.
| [...]
| I'll be watching Slitaz very closely, and I expect big things for it in the
| future, should development continue — and I really do hope it does.


SliTaz: A light-weight GNU/Linux distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| In conclusion, if you are in need of a distribution that does not require a
| lot of resources, SliTaz is definitely worth checking out. It is in active
| development and worth watching to see what the future has in store for it.


SliTaz -- 25 MB Live Distro.

,----[ Quote ]
| I find SliTaz very fast for web browsing.


Introducing SliTaz Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The Live CD starts with a boot prompt in French, with a little information
| about the default username and the password. From there, the CD will
| automatically boot in 3 seconds if you don't press the Enter key and in about
| 1-2 minutes you will be asked to choose your desired language, keyboard
| layout and screen resolution. Immediately after you have chosen the desired
| resolution, a nice login screen will appear. Login with username hacker and
| password root. You will enter in the lightweight JWM (Joe's Window Manager)
| window manager.


Damn Minuscule Linux: A First Look At SliTaz 1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| But if you’ve an old laptop gathering dust under your desk, and you’re
| looking for an interesting, fun project SliTaz is a great choice.
| There’s a solid base to it, with well-chosen default software and a
| reasonable downloadable selection to complement it, all wrapped up in a
| mini-marvel of a distro.
| Give SliTaz a try – you won’t be disappointed, and its cleverness will make
| you smile. And that’s a promise!


SliTaz 1.0 on 450Mhz K6-2, 256Mb

,----[ Quote ]
| This is easily my favorite live CD now. I admire DSL for being versatile and
| fast, and I do like the way Puppy Linux has evolved. But it’s hard to beat a
| pretty, usable, complete system that ducks under the 25Mb mark, and does it
| so well. Fatter distributions (and I’m thinking of Xubuntu, et al., here)
| would do well to notice how much can be done with so little.


First look at SliTaz GNU/Linux 1.0, the smallest desktop distro on earth

,----[ Quote ]
| I haven't been this impressed with a new Linux distribution for a long time.
| A compact package with basic applications, a web server and web development
| tools, an excellent package manager, remastering utilities and good
| auto-configuration scripts - all in a 25 MB download. What more can one need?
| While SliTaz GNU/Linux is unlikely to satisfy every user's needs, the project
| is a great testament to the old saying that good things come in a small
| package. It is also a tribute to the infinite versatility of Linux and free
| software. Give SliTaz a try, you will like it!


A quick look over SliTaz 1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The bottom line? I liked SliTaz for its extremely low system requirements,
| and I particularly liked the package manager.


SliTaz GNU/Linux, the Smallest “Desktop” Distro Ever Created

,----[ Quote ]
| “At 25 MB, it has to be the smallest desktop distro ever created”. These were
| the words of Ladislav Bodnar in the most recent issue of Distrowatch Weekly
| when he announced this fresh and minuscule distribution as a new addition to
| the waiting list. Its name is SliTaz, and I was so intrigued about it that I
| tried it out.
| [...]
| After having extensively used SliTaz GNU/Linux 1.0, I can honestly say that
| it is a highly capable distro with a bright future ahead. It is ideal for
| rescuing a broken system, and even for full desktop usage especially when
| employed on older computer machines since it is fast and ultra-lightweight. I
| just hope that those minor bugs that I’ve encountered will be fixed by the
| next release version. Despite those slight troubles, I’m keeping my SliTaz
| GNU/Linux LiveCD just in case. DSL should watch out, because this new distro
| on the block is surely here to stay.

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