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[News] Early New Builds of Chrome Run Natively in GNU/Linux

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Google's Chrome now works on Linux, crudely

,----[ Quote ]
| Google is tight-lipped about the Linux version of its Chrome browser, but the 
| company's programmers have proved a bit more forthcoming with a brief 
| announcement that they have a crude version of Chrome working on Linux.  



Google Chrome Q&A

,----[ Quote ]
| Via email, I’ve asked Google group product manager Brian Rakowski a couple of
| questions in regards to Google’s web browser.*
| [...]
| Does Google have any time frame for the release of the Mac and Linux versions
| of Chrome?
| We’re working on it, track progress in the open source project!


Why Chrome won't rule the world (yet)

,----[ Quote ]
| I like Google's new Chrome Web browser a lot -- as in, I think it's going to
| change the desktop world in a way we haven't seen since Marc Andreessen and
| Eric Bina released the first modern Web browser, Mosaic, back in 1993.
| What Chrome brings to the table are behind-the-scenes features like V8, a
| killer multithreaded JavaScript virtual machine. V8 compiles JavaScript code
| directly into machine code instead of interpreting it as most JVMs do. The
| result is that Web-based applications written in JavaScript -- like, say,
| Google Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps -- run much, much faster than they
| do on other browsers.


NetSuite first Chrome-plated on-demand business suite: claim

,----[ Quote ]
| Computing business applications provider NetSuite claims to be the first to
| officially support Google's new Chrome browser.


Google Chrome set to take on Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week's unveiling of a new browser is the latest in a series of moves by
| Google to rid the world of Microsoft Windows, according to analysts.


NetSuite Says Chrome-optimized Apps Are Flying

,----[ Quote ]
| It was in line with the likelihood of summer following spring that somebody
| would declare an application optimized for Google's Chrome, the new web
| browser that has dominated the geekier end of technology news this week. And
| it turns out that that somebody is the rising star of the
| software-as-a-service movement, NetSuite.


New Firefox JavaScript engine is faster than Chrome's V8

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the most impressive features in Google's open source Chrome web
| browser is V8, a high-performance JavaScript virtual machine that was
| developed by a team of specialists in Denmark. Although Chrome's performance
| beats the current stable version of Firefox, benchmarks show that Mozilla's
| next-generation JavaScript engine actually outperforms V8.


Chrome aims to kill Windows, make Web the OS of choice

,----[ Quote ]
| Mike Masnick, president and CEO of IT research firm Techdirt, agreed that
| Chrome is a key part of Google's strategy top make the operating system
| obsolete.


Chrome's primary target is Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| But an Ovum analyst thinks Microsoft has more to worry about than Mozilla.
| Laurent Lachal, senior analyst at Ovum said in a statement that the challenge
| Chrome brings to Microsoft is two-fold: it not only threatens Microsoft
| Internet Explorer's market share, but also seeks to overturn the way people
| work with applications.


playing with chrome on linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Soon after they announced, I'd been hoping to take Google Chrome for a test
| drive. The comic book laid out a lot of interesting things, my favorite being
| the discussion of separate processes leading to detachable (and "retachable")
| browser tabs, something I have been touting for years as a long term Galeon
| user. My big problem though? I run Linux, and Google has so far left Linux
| support on the back burner. Still, I figured that someone had probably made a
| Linux build available by now, so inspired by John McCain's speech on TV
| tonight, I set about seeing if I could get it set up.


A Linux users' guide to Google Chrome

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, I’ll show you how to obtain and build the Linux source. A heads up:
| you won’t be Chroming after this, Google haven’t finished porting it to Linux
| and I’m certainly not smarter than the Google engineers and have no magic
| fix.


Chromium Build Instructions?


Chromium - Open Source Chrome

,----[ Quote ]
| As you might have noticed from our Google Chrome coverage, we're pretty
| excited about the potential -- even if it hasn't lived up to everyone's
| expectations. Much of that potential is tied-up in the architecture used to
| create Chome. As Google continued to reiterate during yesterday's webcast,
| Chrome is open source.


WINE 1.1.4 Released, Google Chrome Works

,----[ Quote ]
| The WINE community has announced the release of WINE 1.1.4, which is their
| latest development build made up of open-source work over the past two weeks.
| New in this release is a better implementation of WinHTTP, additional
| JavaScript support, the start of the shell AppBar implementation, fixes for
| Google Chrome support, Chinese translations, and various bug-fixes.


Look Out for the Mobile Version of Google Chrome

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Google Chrome going to arrive in a mobile version for smartphones and
| other devices? Google has already confirmed that it will arrive in a version
| for its Linux-based Android platform, and there are lots of reasons to
| believe that Chrome was developed in its initial Windows version with mobile
| devices in mind. However, Google will likely face much competition from
| Mozilla, which is developing its own open source mobile browser dubbed
| Fennec.

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