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[News] Brew: Powered by GNU/Linux

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SA brewer chooses Red Hat Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Like many companies United National Breweries (UNB) took a decision some time 
| ago to lease its IT equipment instead of buying it outright. 
| In line with that decision UNB’s national IT manager Kevern Upton says that 
| its primary IT suppliers for its financial systems were Unisys, who took 
| responsibility for the server hardware and operating system, and Proteus, who 
| took care of the financial system and the database that supports it.    




,----[ Quote ]
| Well, as in 'free software.' Bringing the open source movement to brewing.
| See the success of the Linux operating system and the Firefox browser,
| to name two examples.
| What does this all have to do with Free Beer? Well, the founder
| of the free software movement is a man named Richard Stallman,
| and he's still very much a presence. Stallman directs the Free
| Software Foundation, which, through its GNU Project (www.gnu.org),
| administers the licenses that make Linux and other free software
| available. Faced with frequent puzzlement over how "free software"
| could be free if it cost money (and is able to support
| billion-dollar investments from the likes of IBM, in the case 
| of Linux), Stallman came up with a simple explanation: "think
| of 'free' as in 'free speech,' not 'free beer.'"


Microsoft NZ Tease Sony [by sabotaging launch parties]

,----[ Quote ]
| To commemorate the Xbox 360's 1st birthday in NZ (which it now
| shares with Sony's PLAYSTATION 3), the good people at DB sent a
| special present consisting of many a beer bottle to GamePlanet's
| Auckland store. To be precise, $480-worth of beer, which
| incidentally is the exact price difference between the Xbox 360
| (RRP$719.95) and the PLAYSTATION 3 ($1199.95).


QBrew: Home-brewed software for home brewers

,----[ Quote ]
| QBrew offers prebuilt binary packages for Debian, Ubuntu, Linspire,
| Fedora, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and NetBSD. Since QBrew isn't
| an application that really lends itself to loads of customization
| during the build process, I recommend using the prebuilt version.
| Setup is a breeze, and really isn't 100% necessary if you're just
| looking for ballpark numbers to build a basic recipe. 

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