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[News] Cuba Still Moving to GNU/Linux

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Cuba Opts for Linux to Guarantee Technological Independence

,----[ Quote ]
| Assistance with the understanding and expansion of the Linux computer 
| operating system was the main outcome of the Free Software Festival of the 
| Youth Computing Club, which took place in the central Cuban province of 
| Cienfuegos   



Russia and Cuba Unite Against Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently, Russia announced that it was pushing Microsoft out of its schools
| in favour of open source. Now, it's going even further by joining with Cuba
| to write free software that can be used instead of Microsoft's products in
| other areas...


Cubans prefer Linux to sex

,----[ Quote ]
| Pingdom also wonders why, within the US, the strongest Linux interest is in
| Utah. A lot of readers have pointed out the obvious answer - Novell and SCO
| are based there, and there's a strong community of Novell-related companies.
| Utah is also probably the state where Linux comes closest to sex in
| Google-popularity.


Linux popularity across the globe

,----[ Quote ]
| In general, Linux seems to have a stronger popularity in the East than in the
| West, with some exceptions (like Cuba). This is perhaps not surprising,
| considering that it is free software and many of the countries where Linux is
| most popular have a relatively low income per capita compared to most
| countries in the West. Or perhaps there is just a stronger focus on free
| software and Open Source in these regions.


U.S. position on Cuba hurts Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| At a technology conference in February last year, the Cuban government
| declared its intention to rid itself of Microsoft software in favor of
| open-source alternatives. According to an Associated Press report,
| Communications Minister Ramiro Valdes, who opened the conference, suggested
| that Microsoft was cooperating with U.S. military and intelligence
| authorities, and he proclaimed that IT is a battlefield on which Cuba is
| fighting imperialism.


Kicking Cuba's Free Software Switch Into a Higher Gear

,----[ Quote ]
| In fact, the changeover strategy is made up of several stages, from
| installing specific programs such as the browser Mozilla Firefox to replace
| the widely used Internet Explorer, which began Jan. 5, to training operators
| to use OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office, until patented software is
| finally dropped.
| [...]
| The purpose of the move is to "attain sovereignty and technological
| autonomy," as recommended by the Ibero-American Charter on Electronic
| Government, approved by the Ninth Ibero-American Conference of Ministers for
| Public Administration and State Reform, held in Chile in June 2007.


University of Havana Finally Switches to Free Software

,----[ Quote ]
| And, Yudivián Almeida, professor of computer at the University of Havana,
| this change means that “[w]hen free software has been installed on all of the
| university’s computers, it will make no sense to teach using anything else.”
| So, one more Latin American institution has made the conversion away from
| closed, proprietary software and towards open knowledge.    


Cuba Lifts Ban on Home Computers

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm a Cuban. This happened more than a month ago. And we are very happy that
| someone finally came to his senses about it.
| What's new, though, is that [startin soon], they are going to be sold without
| operating systems... No more windows pre-installed. Or so I've heard. Now we
| only need tons of Ubuntu disks to give away at the sotre.  


Cuba Votes No to OOXML - Says It Did So in September, Too - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| More OOXML news. The Cuban National Bureau of Standards has reportedly sent
| an email to the three names NBs are supposed to notify at ISO, Toshiko
| Kimura, Keith Brannon, and Martine Gaillen, reporting that Cuba votes to
| disapprove OOXML.  
| But the startling news is that the email claims that Cuba voted no in
| September but that its vote was miscounted.  
| [...]
| If you recall, the public announcement by ISO in September said that Cuba had
| voted to approve, which led to puzzlement. Not so, says the email, which was
| sent on Friday evening and broadly cc'd, including to all the NBs, perhaps to
| ensure there was no confusion this time. Cuba was deeply injured by the false
| report, the email says. Cuba voted no with comments in September. It never
| approved OOXML.    



The Gradual Introduction of Free Software in Cuba Becomes Significant to Go
Ahead in the Crucial Strategy.

,----[ Quote ]
| Without “pushing the boat out”, the gradual introduction of free software in
| Cuba becomes significant to go ahead in the process of incorporating  
| informatics into society.


Cuba embraces migration to free and open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Cuba's Cabinet also has urged a shift from proprietary software. The customs
| service has gone to Linux and the ministries of culture, higher education and  
| communications are planning to do so, Rodriguez said.
| And students in his own department are cooking up a version of Linux called
| Nova, based on Gentoo distribution of the operating system. The ministry of
| higher education is developing its own.  


Cuba Embraces Open-Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Both governments say they are trying to wean state agencies from
| Microsoft's proprietary Windows to the open-source Linux operating
| system, which is developed by a global community of programmers
| who freely share their code.
| [...]
| Other countries have tried similar moves. China, Brazil and
| Norway have encouraged the development of Linux for a variety
| of reasons: Microsoft's near-monopoly over operating systems,
| the high cost of proprietary software and security problems.

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