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Re: Vista speech recognition

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____/ me@xxxxxxxxxxx on Wednesday 12 November 2008 13:08 : \____

>  "I tried the Vista speech recognition by running the tutorial.
>   I was amazed, it was awesome, recognised every word I said.
>   Then I said the wrong word ... and it typed the right one.
>   It was actually just detecting a sound and printing the
>   expected word!"
>                                    -pbhj, posting on slashdot.

Marketing in /.?

Bruce Perens wrote:


    [J]ust about every PR firm offers to help “manage the perception of your
company in online communities” these days. What do you think that means?
Astroturfing Slashdot, Youtube, etc. In my various manangement positions it’s
been offered to me. Indeed, some of the companies offer to create negative
publicity for your competition that way - HP had a publicity firm for its
Linux activities that told us it would do that when we wanted. I never asked
them to do so and hope nobody else did either.

    This stuff is just standard these days. You’ve got to expect it. 

Bruce Perens also wrote:


    I think mostly they’d like to dilute “Open Source” to mean any code with
source code. This is important to them because it’s the rights connected to
Open Source that scare Microsoft (and others). If you can call it Open Source
when there isn’t even the right to compile the code, or to use the information
you get from reading it, customers don’t have a reason to ask for it any

    Their publicity agencies are here on Slashdot pumping that angle every day. 

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