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Re: [Rival] Microsoft Hotmail Sinks Like a Rock, People Leave

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Wednesday 12 November 2008 14:21 : \____

>> http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft/archives/153992.asp?sour...
> Here are some readers' comments (and I didn't filter out those that
> were favorable to hotmail, since there *were no* comments favorable to
> hotmail):
> "I can't say I'm surprised. I have email accounts with hotmail, yahoo
> and google. Hotmail is the WORST at filtering spam. I only use it when
> I sign up for free samples and things, because I know I can just go in
> once a month and delete everything, since it's all crud. Google gives
> you the ability to send and receive huge attachments, too. Hotmail
> just isn't that impressive."
> "Hotmail was pretty good before Microsoft bought it!"
> "I dropped Hotmail in favor of Gmail. Much better GUI, faster, less
> spam (for now), lots more storage.
> I had been with Hotmail since '95, and every evolution it made, made
> it worse. Loyalty really has no benefit here."
> "If the trend keeps up, Microsoft may have to get in line behind the
> U.S. car makers for a government bailout. By the way, Hotmail still
> doesn't work correctly; how many weeks has it been now?"
> "I am sick of Microsoft sending me all their various flavors of
> corporate spam to my hotmail."
> "Hotmail Eyestrain: Dreadful Ergonomics
> Dear Microsoft:
> I'd hate to see how you dress your kids up for school in the morning.
> They must be getting beaten up by every bully in town even before
> getting on the bus.
> You guys have ZERO understanding of eye-pleasing color-coordination.
> The new Hotmail DESPERATELY needs a choice of screen background
> colors.
> White is just too damn harsh on the eyes ! Either give us some relief
> - or sell us some freakin' sunglasses.
> And don't make our "choices" a bunch of washed-out, no-contrast sky-
> blue-on-white color schemes. Surprise us pleasantly - instead of
> shocking us for a change. Bring your girlfriends to work if you have
> to - and get their input on what's pleasing to the eye.
> This is the kind of customer sensitivity that we've come to expect
> from the biggest software company in the world - the same bunch that
> brought you those deceptive "Vista Capable" stickers, only to switch
> them later to "Vista Ready" when the thing finally worked.
> Just give us a SEPARATE choice of natural "real" colors for the tabs
> and another for the background.
> Since you OBVIOUSLY don't understand the concept of color coordination
> Rob"
> "I stopped using Hotmail a week ago in favor of gMail. I am absolutely
> thrilled after the switch. I should have done this a long time ago.
> Benefits:
> - Less spam. gMail has a superior spam filter. Haven't
> received a single spam email in my gMail account. I
> don't expect that to happen forever, but it's
> definitely a nice change from the 5-6 spam emails I
> received daily in my Hotmail account.
> - Conversation-oriented UI: If you like to converse by
> email, gMail organizes your previous emails in your
> conversation (thread) and makes them available for
> quick viewing. Very friendly if you can't remember the
> context of a reply one receives.
> - Support for different browsers. gMail works great
> with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.
> It works great on an iPhone. Hotmail has problems
> with browsers other than Internet Explorer. That was
> the last straw for me! When I couldn't send a Hotmail
> email from my iPhone, I had to question what Microsoft
> was thinking. Pure arrogance.
> - Great performance. gMail loads quickly, enables you to
> send emails quickly, and focuses on staying
> transparent during the process of composing and
> sending emails. Hotmail is slow, full of unnecessary
> UI clutter, and always gets in the way of reading
> and composing emails.
> Who in the world is managing Hotmail now? It's really too bad, since
> Hotmail was a really great Webmail application before Microsoft took
> it over."
> "I've had my gmail account for several years now. I can honestly say
> that spam slips through the filter about one message a month, if that
> often. I can leave my hotmail for 3 days and come back to 70 spam in
> the inbox if not more."

Funny that you mentioned comments... hot in the news:

"MS has also apparently deleted over 1,500 comments from its Windows Live blog
since we told a perplexed company spokesman about the grumbles being posted on
its site yesterday."

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