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[News] X3: Reunion Released to GNU/Linux

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X3: Reunion Finally Goes Gold On Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| X3: Reunion is a game developed by Egosoft, and is the sequel to X2: The 
| Threat, which is being ported to Linux by Linux Game Publishing. LGP has been 
| working on porting this Microsoft Windows title to Linux since January of 
| 2007.    


Are Game Developers Finally Seeing the Linux Light?

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux gaming is alive and well. As more and more users start to use Linux, 
| and I would bet that we’re getting very close to the 100 million installed 
| mark, developers and companies will and have taken notice, that’s just to big 
| a slice of the gaming dollar to ignore.   



MIB Live Games

,----[ Quote ]
| MIB Live Games is a treasure trove for Linux gamers; at last count over 100 
| games, 48 in arcade alone. As it is based on Mandriva 2008, the setup (and 
| possible installation) are a breeze; to say that everything is included out 
| of the box on this remaster of Mandriva 2008 ‘One’ would be an understatement 
| indeed.     
| [...]
| For those in Asia, using the original Mandriva 2008 ‘One’ Asia edition is 
| preferable as this remaster only offers major European languages at the 
| starting configuration screen, though again they are not that difficult to 
| add once the system is installed.   


Mandriva teams up with TransGaming to release gaming-enhanced MandrivaLinux

,----[ Quote ]
| TransGaming Inc., a leading developer of software portability products
| for the electronic entertainment industry, announced today that
| MandrivaLinux 2007 will include direct integration of their Cedega
| portability engine along with Empire Interactive's popular game FlatOut.
| This OEM agreement brings the thrill of electronic entertainment to
| Mandriva's growing Linux user-base.
| The combination of Cedega and FlatOut is seamlessly integrated within
| the MandrivaLinux 2007 installer, giving Linux users access to top tier
| titles as part of the operating system, while also allowing them to play
| hundreds more games, right out of the box. In addition to FlatOut, users
| will be able to play blockbuster titles with Cedega such as Battlefield
| 2, World of WarCraft, Civilization IV, Need for Speed: Most Wanted,
| Madden 2006 and more.

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