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[News] Dell Sales of GNU/Linux Desktops Going Well

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Ubuntu boss talks Jaunty Jackalope

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell has started selling some of its machines with Ubuntu pre-installed, and 
| Shuttleworth says that "the machines are selling well". 
| "[Dell] clearly sees Linux users as thought leaders", he told Open Week 
| attendees. "They know it takes a lot of work to do something like Linux well 
| and they work very hard at it, so we appreciate the partnership."  
| As for mobiles, he quipped: "Linux is a perfect platform for consumer 
| electronics, and the rate of adoption there is fantastic, but it's highly 
| fragmented. There are many different projects, environments and frameworks 
| for Linux on smartphones", he said.   


Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth opens up on mobility and design

,----[ Quote ]
| "We have been hiring, for months, designers and user experience guys. It has 
| taken much longer than I hoped. That team will be in place in Jan/Feb, I 
| imagine," he said. "Whether their initial work will make a dramatic visual 
| impact on Jaunty, I don't know. I know that other work, on the user 
| experience front, will land, but i'll keep some surprises in store till 
| later. ;-)"     



Will HP Follow Dell With Ubuntu Linux PCs?

,----[ Quote ]
| Initially, I was skeptical about Dell's decision to sell selected consumer 
| PCs with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed.
| But after a few days of testing, I'm a skeptic no more. And I'm not alone. 
| Dell insiders tell me that the Ubuntu PCs, introduced in late May, are 
| selling well -- though they decline to share exact sales figures with 
| me.

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