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[News] Lotus: Powered by GNU/Linux

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New hardware is a first for Lotus

,----[ Quote ]
| The IBM Lotus Foundations Start server runs the Linux operating system and 
| contains e-mail and calendaring programs, as well as the Lotus Symphony suite 
| of office productiving software, like word processing and spreadsheet 
| programs.   


Google and IBM are eating Microsoft's lunch.


IBM Lotus: we're beating Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM's Lotus business claims to be winning millions of seats away from
| Microsoft's Exchange, including some key wins in emerging markets. Lotus
| outgrew Microsoft in 2Q08, company officials claimed.
| [...]
| Picciano's gibe is presumably at least in part a reference to his company's
| adoption of the OpenDocument Format for Symphony, as opposed to Microsoft's
| effort to have its proprietary file format adopted as an international
| standard - a move that caused considerable controversy, including allegations
| of irregularities in the standard-setting process.


IBM Growth in Emerging Markets Fuels Lotus Momentum



Finally, Notes on Linux is here and ready

,----[ Quote ]
| Anyway, Lotus Notes 8 on SLED is here and it's ready for business. It's now
| time for IBM to take the bull by the horns and modernize this legacy
| groupware client to make it even better.
| Hey, it does what few others do – offers a consistent cross-platform user
| experience.


IBM, allies offer Microsoft-free PCs for E.Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| International Business Machines Corp (IBM.N: Quote, Profile, Research) said
| it was offering the PCs based on the open-source Linux operating system
| together with Red Hat (RHT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) software distributor
| VDEL of Austria and Polish distributor and services firm LX Polska in
| response to demand from Russian IT chiefs.


Lotus Notes 8.5 to fully support Ubuntu Linux 7.0 in mid-2008

,----[ Quote ]
| "We're doing pilots with customers now," Satyadas said. "Some of the requests
| came from big companies" with as many as 100,000 users that are interested in
|                                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| moving to Ubuntu Linux on the desktop.
| [...]
| "Linux is cool now," he said. "We use it ourselves. We are able to offer a
| secure, rich and cost-effective Microsoft alternative."

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