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[News] PCs Reborn with 3-D GNU/Linux Environments

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I am in Love with my PC… Again!

,----[ Quote ]
| I am sorry to have bugged those users who are already using all this, and 
| possibly more. For those of you who are new to this, I’d like to say that, I 
| was new to this 3 days ago, too. So, if you make some very important 
| comparisons with OSes claiming to offer a good XPerience ;) , I think you’re 
| well equipped to take a good decision!    


Not bad for such an old computer. Screenshots inside.


Review: Ubuntu 8.10 Is The Real Deal

,----[ Quote ]
| The bottom line: Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition easily ranks higher than any
| other Linux desktop OS we've looked at in the Test Center. Based on
| performance numbers, its Ethernet and wireless management and zero licensing
| cost, this is an operating system we can recommend to VARs - - not just as an
| alternative to Windows but as a strong OS in its own right.


Big Story: Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, Released and Reviewed

,----[ Quote ]
| Final Grade Roundup:
| Gnome 2.4 w/Tabbed File Browser       A+
| X.org 7.4 w/o Binary Drivers          A–
| DKMS Mojo for Modules                 A+
| Other Minor Features                  B+
| Overall Score                         A


Ubuntu 8.10 - A Positive Evolution

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 8.10 has been installed on my computer for over two weeks now. The
| tests began with beta version through RC and finished with the final release
| today. Usually I do not install test versions, however, favourable opinions
| of my friends convinced me it was worth trying. I have to admit, I am not
| disappointed with the latest version of Ubuntu, 8.10. And here is why.


First Experiences with Ubuntu 8.0.4 DE (Hardy)

,----[ Quote ]
| After reading “Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy” Rocks My Servers Socks!” and effortlessly
| upgrading my laptop, a DELL Latitude D820 with an Ubuntu 7.10 environment to
| version Ubuntu 8.0.4, I am very very tempted to set-up a demo environment
| based on Oracle 11gR1 and Ubuntu 8.0.4 Server Edition…


Ubuntu 8.04 LTS vs. Windows XP SP3: Application Performance Benchmark

,----[ Quote ]
| Two months ago, I wanted to compare Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux in terms of
| applications performance. I thought that since most of Linux programs are
| cross-platform and available for Windows, it could be a good idea to see how
| only platform change can affect the performance of a particular application.
| One of my reasons was also to verify whether or not Linux is capable of
| getting the most out of new hardware technologies. However, I only had a
| Pentium 4 HT machine, and even though I went ahead with the test, I knew it
| was not going to answer that.


Distro Review: Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron LTS

,----[ Quote ]
| So, better late than never here are my thoughts on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.
| It's been about 3 weeks since the release now and I've been running Hardy on
| my Dell XPS m1330n notebook without much trouble. I thought it was about time
| I knuckled down and wrote about my experiences with the Heron. I found Gutsy
| to be a bit buggy initially and I was slightly disappointed, with it's LTS
| (Long Term Support) tag, how would Hardy perform? Let's find out...
| [...]
| Conclusions:
| Ease Of Installation & Use: 4/5
| Stability: 4/5
| Community & Documentation: 5/5
| Features: 3/5
| Overall: 4/5


LTS: The Long Term (Ubuntu) Solution

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 8.04 is the long term solution for Linux. People will, at some point,
| look to alternatives for their software as the older versions become outdated
| and unsupported. At the moment, most average users contemplate a switch to
| either Mac, Vista, or this thing called “Linux.”


Moving to Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| My overall experience in these past days using Ubuntu has been really
| incredible and I would suggest each and every Windows user to atleast try
| Ubuntu using Wubi (if you haven’t already), it really doesn’t get any simpler
| than this and it will make your life really easy if you have difficulties,
| like I did, for separating partitions. In my opinion everyone should
| experience using Ubuntu at least once and see how they can very easily move
| to using Ubuntu while still being as productive (perhaps even more) as you
| were while you were on Windows! The Ubuntu community is also simply superb
| you will find great support there for all your problems (if you have any) and
| also find all the softwares you could need to do anything you would want to.


Easiest Install EVER - Linux Ubuntu Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| I think I was asked to enter my username and password, my name, then choose
| the nearest city for time zone and select my keyboard layout.  I installed it
| in VMWare fusion.  It launched immediately, and told me there are updates to
| install.  OK.

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