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[News] [Rival] Vista 7: Partying Like It's 2001 All Over Again

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InformationWeek says Windows 7 is … Windows XP Classic

,----[ Quote ]
| InformationWeek pundit Mitch Wagner has decided that Windows 7 is bad news 
| for Apple because he’s willing to assume, based on optimistic comments made 
| about the early alpha of the new softare, that Microsoft will solve all of 
| its problems with Vista, “the way the Coca-Cola Company did with New Coke.”   
| Apparently Wagner fails to recall that the Coca-Cola Company solved its New 
| Coke problem by canceling the product and going back to the old Coke. Does 
| Wagner really imagine that Microsoft will battle Apple with Windows XP 
| Classic, or does he just have no idea what he’s talking about?   



If Windows Is a Dead End, What's Next?

,----[ Quote ]
| If Windows 7 is more of the same, then maybe it's time to conclude that
| Windows is a technology dead end. Last spring, Gartner warned that Microsoft
| had to radically change Windows or watch it fade into irrelevancy. Windows 7
| is not that radical change.


The great Microsoft Windows 7 laptop giveaway!

,----[ Quote ]
| Dear Microsoft: I'm writing in regard to your recent FREE LAPTOP COMPUTER
| giveaway program for members of the industry media/analyst community. It is
| my understanding that authors and pundits who are "friends" of Microsoft -–
| i.e. those who praise Windows Vista and generally write positive stories
| about your products and strategies –- were eligible to receive their FREE
| LAPTOP COMPUTER during the super-secret, invite-only workshop that you held
| on the Sunday just prior to your Professional Developers Conference.


Microsoft bribes again?

,----[ Quote ]
| But, if as appears may be the case Microsoft is letting people have Dell XPS
| M1330 laptops with 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processors and 3GBs of RAM
| on 'indefinite loans (wink, wink) then it's a bribe in my book. What do you
| think? If you knew someone had been given a PC with a list price of $1,956
| and then wrote nice things about the operating system that came with it would
| you be inclined to think that they might be just a wee bit influenced by the
| almost two grand worth of computer?


Blacklisted by Microsoft!

,----[ Quote ]
| Basically, they blacklisted me from certain super-secret (i.e.
| pre-conference, NDA, off-the books) sessions at their Professional Developer
| Conference (PDC) –- this after formally inviting me to attend those sessions
| as an "esteemed reviewer" representing InfoWorld.
| [...]
| Oct. 9, 2008 -- A short while later, I get my first hit. It seems that the
| whole mess started when the Windows Server team made the mistake of inviting
| yours truly to an event hosted by the Windows Client team. Apparently, the
| folks on the Server team were unaware of my decidedly negative views towards
| Vista, and when the Client folks found out they had invited Randall C.
| Kennedy -– a.k.a. Vista's most vocal and effective critic -– to their
| special, "for fanbois only" (nice photos, Paul) shindig, they went ballistic.
| First, it appears that someone high up on the Client Team (Steve?) really
| doesn't like me. I mean, really, truly loathes me. And it's not just your
| run-of-the-mill frustration with a journalist who picks on them. This thing
| is personal, and the executive in question is allowing his or her personal
| feelings to spill over into the company's handling of formal press relations
| with InfoWorld.


Microsoft Tries Desperately to Turn the Page on Vista at PDC

,----[ Quote ]
| It's clear that Microsoft has thrown in the towel on the woeful Vista. Maybe
| that's why Microsoft's love fest, aka the Professional Developers Conference
| (PDC) last week in Los Angeles, provided a 24/7 forum to discuss a future
| without Vista, but like a political convention (which it resembled), it's
| time to sweep up the confetti and take a clear-eyed look at what we
| witnessed.


Microsoft issues security patch for unreleased software

,----[ Quote ]
| "A security issue has been identified that could allow an authenticated
| remote attacker to compromise your Microsoft Windows-based system and gain
| control over it," the security update says.
| The more than 6,000 attendees who will be walking away from the sold-out
| event with the Windows 7 operating system software in hand could have been
| vulnerable to an attacker exploiting the security hole.


Windows 7: Oops! Microsoft did it again!

,----[ Summary ]
| My initial evaluation of Windows 7 shows that it's really just Vista with a
| fresh coat of paint


First black Microsoft MD quits

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft South Africa MD Pfungwa Serima has resigned.


Microsoft loses another ad executive

,----[ Quote ]
| Evans is the latest departure from Microsoft's advertising ranks. In March,
| MSN ad sales executive Joanne Bradford announced she was leaving for a post
| at Spot Runner.


Microsoft's Vista Blogger Quits As Redmond Exodus Builds

,----[ Quote ]
| White did not provide a reason for his decision. To be sure, his position
| could not have been an easy one. White's posts often elicited hundreds of
| responses from Vista users complaining about the operating system's numerous
| glitches and quirks.
| His departure also raises questions about Microsoft's ability to retain
| talent in the Web 2.0 world.
| [...]
| Earlier this year, Microsoft Business Division president Jeff Raikes said he
| would retire in September, to be replaced by former Juniper Networks chief
| operating officer Stephen Elop.
| Microsoft's merger and acquisitions chief Bruce Jaffe stepped down at the end
| of February.
| To boot, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates will give up full-time duties at the
| company in July.
| The departures highlight one of Microsoft's biggest challenges as a mature
| company: attracting and retaining Silicon Valley's top talent. In its early
| days, Microsoft could entice recruits with an entrepreneurial environment and
| stock options that eventually turned secretaries into millionaires.


MS Poll 08

,----[ Quote ]
|     I used to work in Microsoft India SMSG. In the past week, 10% of BMO
|     quit. We've had people in EPG bail out in a hurry because the management
|     does not care and is totally intellectually corrupt. Hiring is the
|     exclusive domain of the GM who calls her cronies from HP to rape the
|     company culture. I am done with MS India. DPE has a leader who is not a
|     leader.    
|     When people talk about MS Poll and how OHI has improved they forget that
|     the the problem is that 50% of the hires in India are about a year old
|     and they're still drinking the kool ade. To them, the mere act of joining
|     Microsoft is something to be proud of. They're still giddy with delight
|     at getting the MS offer letter because for years they have been shat upon
|     by the Indian SIs they come from during their tenure there.    
|     We've got a CVP who is preoccupied with seeing his face in the newspaper
|     and magazines. To him, success is the number of publication impressions
|     and not the well being of the employees.  
|     Stock price?? It's important, but with grade levels sucking in India, the
|     grants are miniscule. Unless of course you are a partner or VP in which
|     case you are laughing all the way to the bank while the employees drive
|     revenue and sweat in the mines.  
|     This is the Microsoft India I left. I'm glad I am no longer part of it.
| [...]
|     I have heard the same about India Dev Center also. Lot of people at lower
|     levels (dev/dev-II) seem to be leaving the company and salary seems to be
|     the primary motivation. In some cases, even the entry-level salaries at
|     these "rival" companies is more than these people's (with 3-5 years
|     experience) current salary.    
| [...]
|     How bad is things in Microsoft India? The GM Neelam Dhawan is fired and
|     going back to HP. She is taking Rajiv Srivastava with her.  
| [...]
|     My friends and fellow Microsoft people, let me tell you that the
|     situation in SMSG India is horrible. People are leaving and the
|     leadership never meets the employees. We have box manufacturers trying to
|     sell software. We have Chairman who I have not seen in 6 months in
|     person. I have seen him on TV and the newspaper a few times. We have MD
|     Neelam Dhawan who interviewed at Cisco 2 times and did not get a job
|     there and is now going back to HP. The Country Manager for Xbox has left.
|     BMO has almost 100% churn.      
| [...]
|     Weekly reporting !!!
|     The Walmartization of Microsoft is now complete. I am in EPG and am now
|     expected to give a weekly sales forecast. What crack is he smoking?  
| [...]
|     We are tired of scorecards and metrics and now Weekly Fucking
|     forecasts????
|     Will Kevin-the-used-car-salesman please leave the building?
|     SteveB - what WILL wake you up?


Vista marketing chief to bid Microsoft adieu

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael Sievert, Corporate Vice President for Windows Product Marketing, is
| moving on, according to multiple sources of mine.
| It’s hard to make the case that Sievert, who was responsible for the
| worldwide introduction of Windows Vista, isn’t being pushed for the
| less-than-enthusiastic public perception of Microsoft’s latest version of
| Windows. Even though Microsoft has moved 100-million-plus copies of Vista,
| many consumers and businesses still consider the new release buggy, sluggish
| and incompatible with existing software and drivers.    



Microsoft’s OEM chief defects to Lenovo

,----[ Quote ]
| While so many of us Microsoft watchers were preoccupied with the hasty
| departure of former Microsfot CIO Stuart Scott, the resignation of the
| company’s OEM chief slipped right by most of us.  


Microsoft losing acquisition playmaker

,----[ Quote ]
| In a previous life Jaffe was the CFO for Microsoft's MSN division, and also
| had roles overseeing acquisitions related to Microsoft's consumer business,
| groups like MSNBC and Microsoft Games.  


Microsoft Windows hardware leader takes a ‘vacation’

,----[ Quote ]
| Veteran Softies are dropping like flies lately. The latest Microsoft exec to
| leave is Jawad Khaki, Corporate Vice President of the Windows Hardware
| Ecosystem.  


Danny Thorpe quits the Windows Live development team

,----[ Quote ]
| Danny Thorpe, one of the higher-profile hires Microsoft made to its Windows
| Live team, has decided to leave for greener pastures.


Microsoft says Zune executive will leave company

,----[ Quote ]
| Bryan Lee, corporate vice president at Microsoft's entertainment
| and devices division, also played a key role in shaping the Xbox
| game console business and the introduction of its Internet
| Protocol television software.


Yet another Microsoft search exec calls it quits

,----[ Quote ]
| In March, Blake Irving, the Corporate VP in charge of the Windows
| Live platform, announced his plans to leave Microsoft, effective
| this summer. Payne announced his resignation from Microsoft shortly
| after Irving made his announcement.


Former Microsoft Search Chief Bill Bliss On Early Search Missteps

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill's biggest regret? Not bypassing middle management that wasn't
| listening to him scream about the coming threat of Google and going
| right up to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.


Microsoft Search Leader To Leave Company

,----[ Quote ]
| The Microsoft Corp. vice president who led the company's push into
| Internet search is leaving the software giant as the effort he
| helped launch loses ground against lead competitor Google Inc.


Microsoft Businesss Solutions Group's Burgum to resign

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Corp.'s Business Solutions group senior vice president Doug
| Burgum will resign, effective June 30, and leave the company to pursue
| other opportunities, the company said on Tuesday.


Database head to leave daily duties at Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Paul Flessner, who leads Microsoft's data storage and platform
| division, will step down from his daily duties after the new year.


Microsoft Windows Live VP to resign

,----[ Quote ]
| Blake Irving, a Corporate Vice President in Microsoft's Windows
| Live Platform group, is resigning his post, according to sources
| close to the company.


Veteran Windows architect resigns from Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| On the heels of a week of news of a number of Microsoft executive departures
| and reshufflings, another has come to light. Rob Short, Corporate Vice
| President for Windows Core, has resigned from the company.  


Juniper Networks exec to succeed Microsoft Business Division President Raikes

,----[ Quote ]
| Another reason I consider the Raikes announcement timing odd: Why announce
| Raikes’ departure a day after acknowledging the defection of your mergers and
| acquisitions chief Bruce Jaffe? You could make the argument that Microsoft
| wants to get all its defection/churn announcements out of the way at once.
| But I’m not sure I’d look at things the same way, if I were one of the
| company’s “image makers”….    
| Microsoft also announced on January 10 that Bob Muglia, the Senior Vice
| President in charge of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business, is going to
| move out of the Business Division and report directly to CEO Steve Ballmer.  


Microsoft loses top executive in China

,----[ Quote ]
| "Li Gong is currently exploring other career opportunities," Microsoft said
| in a statement to News.com.
| [...]
| In a September 2005 Business Week interview, Ballmer touted Gong as
| one of several key hires that Microsoft had made.
| Most recently, Gong has served as managing director of Windows LiveC
| hina and as Vice President of Microsoft China R&D Group.
| Gong's name came up in the case over Kai-Fu Lee, the top Microsoft
| executive whose hiring by Google sparked a multistate legal battle.

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