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[News] New Version of MySQL Comes, Postgres Strong Too

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Sun releases MySQL 5.1

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems has released the updated 5.1 version of the MySQL open 
| source database software it recent acquired, promising improved performance 
| and management of larger database applications.  


Sun Microsystems launches database software, optimistic about Philippines

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL is one of the most popular open source database software in the world. 
| Web giants such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, eBay, Wikipedia and 
| Travelocity all run on the MySQL database program. More than 100 million 
| copies of MySQL's open source database software have been downloaded and 
| distributed since it was created, while another 70,000 copies are downloaded 
| each day.     


Avnet Technology Solutions: Warming Up to Sun Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| “The download volume [for MySQL and other Sun open source offerings] is 
| tremendous,” says Hurst. “But we have to figure out how we can execute and 
| monetize that momentum.”  


EnterpriseDB finds its Postgres feet against Oracle

,----[ Quote ]
| And, critically, it means emphasizing its drop-in Oracle compatibility as a 
| way to immediately cut Oracle costs for non-mission critical applications, 
| rather than going for the expensive, sales executive-driven rip-and-replace 
| sales strategy.   


With the Web accounted for, it's likely that most of the world's databases are
Free software.


All MySQL's children

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL, the premier open-source database, has decided to steal the script from
| All My Children, addressing some of the most challenging issues in
| open-source software, like commercial extensions and now, in lurid detail,
| the fork with Drizzle, as well as an alternative patch community, OurDelta.


Drizzle makes MySQL lean, mean again

,----[ Quote ]
| Bye-bye to 600,000 lines of code
| Drizzle is tackling these issues head-on. The developers have a very clear
| plan: reworking the whole code base to eliminate the unnecessary and
| poorly-implemented features that have built up over the years. They've
| trimmed the code to less than half, removing some 600,000 lines of code.
| This is no bedroom coding project
| Perhaps just as importantly, they've adopted the GPL as the one-and-only
| licence for Drizzle, cutting the dual-licencing that kept MySQL's development
| in-house. While some MySQL developers are working on Drizzle, they're joined
| by developers from such prominent MySQL users as Google, Canonical, Six
| Apart, and even MySQL's new parent company, Sun.

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