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[News] GNOME Director Sees Bright Future for Free Software

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Sneak preview of my talk next week: "GNOME as the computing platform for the

,----[ Quote ]
| The world is changing and you need free and open source software to keep up. 
| You can't afford to develop an application from scratch and you can't build a 
| business without participation from everyone. Users want to be creative – 
| they want to interact with their applications. Using GNOME as your computing 
| platform and development platform gives you want you need to build the 
| businesses of the future and gives your customers what they need to live 
| fruitful lives.      



A Storm In The Computing World: Stormy Peters

,----[ Quote ]
| The entity behind one of the most popular desktop interface, GNOME Foundation
| is doing the right thing at the right time. The foundation has hired Stormy
| Peters as the executive director. We reached out to Stormy and conducted an
| e-mailed interview to understand how is she planning to take the computing
| world by 'storm'. Here is the complete interaction with Stormy.


What's Up with the GNOME Linux Desktop?

,----[ Quote ]
| Peters noted that following the release of KDE 4 there was some talk among
| GNOME developers to try and push out GNOME 3. But Peters said the decision
| was made not to try and rush out a major version release number in response
| to competition
| "We are looking at GNOME 3.0 not for the short term but for the long term,"
| Peters said. " We're looking at how the Internet has changed and how people
| interact with their computers."


Motorola and Google become GNOME sponsors

,----[ Quote ]
| financial contribution of $5,000 or $10,000 depending on the size of the
| company. The current lineup of corporate members includes Canonical, Novell,
| Red Hat, IBM, HP, Intel, Imendio, ACCESS, and several others.


Stormy Peters about Marketing GNOME

,----[ Quote ]
| In this interview she talks about reaching consensus on marketing-related
| decisions with a community-driven project such as GNOME, how she plans to
| position GNOME, how to attract more donators, and more.


GNOME Foundation adds industry leaders to advisory board

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNOME Foundation announced today that Motorola and Google are joining the
| GNOME advisory board and sponsoring the GNOME Foundation.
| With these two new additions to its advisory board, the GNOME Foundation
| continues to strengthen its industry support and shows that the support for
| free and open source software is growing - especially in the mobile space
| with technologies like GNOME Mobile. The additional funds and resources will
| be used on programs that support GNOME's goal of universal access such as
| accessibility outreach programs, usability studies and internationalization
| efforts. GNOME is building on its strength of an accessible desktop to enable
| universal access to technology through desktops, netbooks, and mobile devices

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