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[News] VirtualLogix Plays Nice with Linux

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VirtualLogix Extends Virtualization to Mobile Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the vendor started life developing virtualization for networking gear, 
| particularly for the carrier market (switches, media gateways, base stations 
| and so on), it clearly has a background in virtualizing both proprietary OSes 
| and Linux. This is particularly pertinent, as Linux is the open source OS of 
| choice for vendors in the space when they want to offer new applications on 
| their boxes while retaining legacy applications on their own OSes.     
| Thus, Linux on handsets is no challenge for VirtualLogix.



Virtualization design targets wireless base stations

,----[ Quote ]
| VirtualLogix and 6Wind announced a Linux-based multi-core networking
| reference design aimed at 4G wireless base stations and smart media gateway
| equipment. The reference design combines Linux, the 6WindGate multi-core
| networking stack, and VirtualLogix's VLX-NI (network infrastructure)
| virtualization technology, all running on Texas Instruments C6000 multi-core
| digital signal processors (DSPs).


Sunnyvale's VirtualLogix bringing virtualization to mobile phones

,----[ Quote ]
| Why would you want to do this? Well, you could create a phone that works off
| a manufacturer's legacy OS, but can also support Linux, which is fast
| becoming a favorite of mobile developers.  



Real-time virtualization targets Japan

,----[ Quote ]
| Takafumi Nishijima, president of ARM Japan, stated, "VirtualLogix's
| real-time virtualization solution increases the market value of ARM
| processors. With VirtualLogix, we can keep the real-time performance
| of an RTOS combined with Linux, while simultaneously adding improved
| security and device management capabilities."
| Ryutaro Tanaka, manager of TI's DSP platform business development in
| Japan, added, "With VirtualLogix virtualization software, our
| customers can run the DSP/BIOS kernel and Linux simultaneously."


Single-core 3G phone design runs Linux on virtualized processor

,----[ Quote]
| VirtualLogix will demonstrate a multimedia-enabled Linux-based
| mobile phone reference design powered by a single ARM9 processor,
| at 3GSM next week in Barcelona. The NXP Nexperia 7210 design could
| spawn some of the world's first single-core mobile phones
| running open, "rich" operating systems, such as Linux.


VirtualLogix Launches Mobile eXperimentation Edition for Handsets

,----[ Quote ]
| According to ABI Research, an open, commercial operating system that
| supports third-party applications promotes competition in the software
| space and produces products that add value to the device. As an open
| operating system, Linux is proving to be disruptive to the handheld
| market by enabling feature and smart phones to securely adopt
| third-party applications.

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