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[News] OpenSolaris is Open, But Not Free (Yet)

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Time to Take OpenSolaris Seriously?

,----[ Quote ]
| It is difficult to say whether OpenSolaris is ready. It is essentially a 
| development snapshot, and was not guaranteed to be stable and 
| enterprise-ready until Sun recently announced that OpenSolaris would enjoy 
| support contracts from Sun and a 6-month release cycle. You can also get 
| OpenSolaris with MySQL on Amazon EC2 now. A 6-month release schedule sounds 
| just like most Linux distributions.     
| People are often confused when looking at OpenSolaris. Suspicions about Sun’s 
| goodwill are often triggered, for example, when looking at updates for the 
| OS. For a long time, Solaris patches were not available unless you purchased 
| a support contract. Security updates were public, but you had to pay for all 
| others. If we look at OpenSolaris, we find that no patches are available at 
| all. Is Sun pulling a fast one? No, think like Linux users for a moment. The 
| new packaging system allows you to update OpenSolaris to the latest release 
| without having to worry about annoying patches.        



OpenSolaris Constitution: Updating v2

,----[ Quote ]
| I updated the Constitution again. This is the third attempt. I'm sure there
| will be many more drafts. You don't write something like this in just a few
| drafts. Also, I put this version on the Genunix wiki, so hopefully that will
| make it easy for people to just jump in and edit.

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