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[News] GNU/Linux Easier to Maintain Than Windows

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Windows GUI vs. Linux Command Line Myths

,----[ Quote ]
| Undoubtedly you've heard the old cliché that Windows is easier to maintain 
| because it has GUI tools for everything while Linux requires commands lines 
| and a terminal. Any experienced Windows administrator knows the 
| point-and-click GUI tools don't cover everything. Likewise any experienced 
| Linux administrator knows there are many GUI tools for Linux configuration 
| but terminal shells are available on ANY system regardless of how big or 
| small and the ability to script any action in a platform-neutral way is too 
| useful to give up. I just again encountered a situation on XP that required a 
| command-line fix and it highlights the ignorance of many fanboys about the 
| reality of Windows system administration.         



A Week Working With Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| After a short vacation during which I made a traveling test with Linux, which
| was very successful, I decided to continue the test by using it as much as
| possible for my work this week. As I have mentioned previously, I have my
| primary laptop set up to multi-boot Windows XP Professional, Ubuntu or
| Mandriva, so it is just as easy for me to boot Linux as Windows at any time.
| I was very curious as to how many times during the week I would "have to"
| boot Windows.


Life after Windows, Day 24

,----[ Quote ]
| Not much to report of late on my experience after giving up Windows XP cold
| turkey. I’m using the IBM Open Client for Linux on Red Hat RHEL 5.1 and it
| all pretty much works. I haven’t used Windows at all for any reason in over
| three weeks, though I’ve been tempted to go back as a tourist and reminisce.  


A life without Windows is nice.

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, back to my studies. Thanks to Linux, I've not had to update a virus
| program or had to worry about any of that stuff that used to cause slow downs
| and headaches when I ran Windows. Ahh, the bliss and freedom of open source
| software.


Windows Still Isn't Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Its ironic how there are so many users who cling to Microsoft Windows and
| then proudly tout that the first thing they do is run out and load up on free
| or open source applications. Every year, we see lists of "best free apps"
| or "essential apps" for Windows, and every year, the apps become more and
| more like watered-down versions of what is available on almost any
| Linux-based system.



The Easy Way to Switch to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in May, we published a step-by-step guide to switching from Windows to
| Ubuntu Linux. A few weeks ago, in keeping with its regular release schedule,
| Ubuntu released an update to its popular and friendly Linux distribution.
| Known as Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu Linux 7.10 makes the install process easier and
| more streamlined than before, and adds some new features that you'll need to
| know about. So here's our updated guide to installing Ubuntu on your PC.    


An obstacle for Linux desktops: Windows applications

,----[ Quote ]
| If no one listens to you, that's OK. Its not the end of the world. Take the
| code of the existing solution and either change things yourself OR work with
| someone who shares the same view as you. (There's a few million coders out
| there, I'm sure there's atleast one person who agrees with you and would like
| to help!)    
| We simply can't rely on large corporations. They only think of money and how
| to make more of it regardless of how they treat people. They really don't
| care, as money matters more.  
| I say forget them! Let's take the initiative and do it our way. If we start
| growing, eating into their marketshare and thus, their profits? Tough! Maybe
| they'll listen next time! (I doubt it...Money is the substance that corrupts
| most of humanity).  


A City Without Windows – Nineteen Year Old Candidate Wants to Make
This "Vision" Happen with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| That's what Mayoral candidate Ryan Kopf, 19, of Muscatine wants to see
| happen. Kopf, who runs a campaign focused on bringing more open source
| software into the city government, wants to see more Linux and other open
| source operating systems being used.

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