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Re: Windows, bad for education, good for Microsoft

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____/ Ubuntu King on Saturday 08 November 2008 10:11 : \____

> Terry Porter <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> A few years ago, I was fitting some networking gear at an expensive
>> private high school in a classroom of about 60 students, where every
>> student had his or her own networked PC running Windows.
>> The teacher was lecturing about chemistry and had a URL on the blackboard
>> and every student was told to browse to that URL.
>> From the networking cabinet, at the rear of the classroom I looked at the
>> monitors of the rows of students and was astonished to see that most of
>> the guys had other URLs up, many were Hotmail, but the girls all appeared
>> to have the chemistry URL on their screens.
>> My surprise must have shown on my face as the teacher suddenly strolled
>> to the back of the class, and as he did, I saw all the Hotmail screens
>> replaced with the chemistry URL in a wave across the room.
>> As he returned to the front, the same wave followed, but in reverse.
>> Later as I left that job, I described what I had seen to another teacher
>> in the admin section, only to hear " oh we know all about it, and we have
>> known for years, but the students are way in front of us all the time, we
>> know they have won, and we accept it!"
>> Driving back to my workplace, I wondered if the teachers would be in that
>> position with Linux where the Browser is DEFINITELY NOT tied to the GUI,
>> and with Linux, the teachers would have been the ones in charge, NOT the
>> students.
>> Linux would allow total control of the students PCs, in a hundred
>> different ways. Controlling what kids see and do on a PC, is a piece of
>> cake with Linux as the same high security that keeps crackers out, keeps
>> kids in line.
> I am not fully clear of your meaning. You can limit with Windows
> too. But if its their own PCs you can not.
>> Windows ... which education dollars would you like to waste today ?
> What is your meaning? You think hotmail is wasting money?

Whose money? Hotmail is an ad-feeding lock-in. Microsoft has this Live@Edu
program, which if anyone picks for a school... well, they should be sacked.

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