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Re: [News] European Commission Targets Corrupt Procurement System

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> European Commission publishes guidelines on the procurement of FOSS
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Rishab Ghosh, who presented the guidelines at the Open Source World
> | Conference in Malaga, argued that the procurement guidelines were needed
> | because of two reasons. First, they studied recent tenders and found
> | that many explicitly mentioned proprietary applications. 16% of 3615
> | software tenders explicitly asked for products from top 10 software
> | vendors, such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. This practice may be illegal
> | because public tenders generally have to describe functional
> | requirements in a general way instead of specifying specific products.
> | Second, many public administrations don't have any experience with the
> | procurement of FOSS. In fact, they often don't know whether or under
> | which circumstances they are allowed to adopt and ask for FOSS
> | solutions. The guidelines are specifically designed in order to clearly
> | and simply explain how public administrations can acquire open source
> | and they don't assume that a country has adopted a specific policy
> | regarding open source.
> `----
> https://fossbazaar.org/?q=content
> Choice of technology for the public sector must not depend on who took you
> out to lunch.

Meritocracy is dead in EU procurement.
Its a lesson in how not to do e-governance.

It is a simple matter to put all procurements on-line in direct simple
easily searchable text form without layers and layers of fraud ridden

Nope. Nada. Not in EU.

Now with ODF out, its even more easier.

Nope. Not. Nada. Not in EU.

Procurement agencies are above the law, above e-governance, above
parliaments and above information technologies.

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