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Re: Linux ... FAR, FAR easier to install than Windows!

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____/ Homer on Friday 07 November 2008 20:30 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Richard Rasker spake thusly:
>> amicus_curious wrote:
>>> You must really live out in the sticks.  To install Windows, you
>>> simply:
>>> 1.  Buy a computer.
>>> 2.  Bring it home.
>>> 3.  Open the box.
>>> 4.  Plug it in.
>>> That's how the settled world does it.
> Is that "settled" as in "people have settled for lower standards" or
> "OEM deals are settled under the table"?
> Trust amicus_unscrupulous to condone racketeering substandard software.

Crime becomes an operation mode, a norm if you like, when it's repeated for so
long and when you pollute the DoJ with your cronies, which means no punishment
is to be expected. People will have the chase you from Asia and Europe to make
a complaint... (and even then the DOJ will attack them on your behalf)

>> And you claim that this process, costing the average user at least
>> twenty hours of work, is /easier/ than installing Linux? And what
>> about the annual (or even more frequent) reinstalls? People go out
>> and buy a new computer every time the OS has crapped out on them? Oh
>> yes, I forgot, lots of people do ...
> Windows: The Disposable OS.

It works well for Microsoft. Difficult installation reduces the possibility of

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