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Re: Perhaps it is time to start a moderated group?

On 2008-11-08, Terry Porter <linux-2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> On Thu, 06 Nov 2008 15:38:41 -0500, Erik Funkenbusch wrote:

>> You violated copyright law.  I asked the author if you had permission to
>> copy his work, the author said no and asked ME for more information.  I
>> did not harass him, that's your fantasy because you got caught stealing
>> someone elses work.
>> Why else were you ultimately forced to remove it?
> Ahh Erik the Wintroll, is the Windows Police and Copyright Police on COLA 
> as well!
> Well done Erik, what a guy.
> It's a shame your Police work is so selective and that you work for a 
> convicted thief yourself.

I don't recall Ewik ever uttering or typing a syllable comdemning
Flatso's admitted thefts. But he went after Roy with a vengence without
knowing if it was an innocent mistake, he had permission to use it,

Yeah, I know he claimed to have contacted the owner/copyright holder.
But he made the assumption _before_ contacting the person. He had the
admission of Flatfart s/h/itself and didn't make a sound, without need
for an assumption.

Some would call that hypocrisy. If that is the applicable term, it's
spelled F-U-N-K-E-N-B-U-S-C-H.

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