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[News] Economy Goes for the Kill of Charity Killer Intel

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Otellini says the recession's gonna hurt

,----[ Quote ]
| The recession wil get worse, he warned. “This is the deepest one I’ve seen in 
| my lifetime. All the smart people that I talk to tell us the US is in for a 
| two-to-three quarter recession,” he said. “We’ll see much larger unemployment 
| a year from now.”   


He is claimed to have deleted his E-mails which may revealed the crimes such as


Otellini faced EU in closed session

,----[ Quote ]
| It is also defending itself to the European Commission anti trust court 
| against allegations that it sold into the public sector at below cost and 
| that it paid manufacturers to cancel AMD chip-based product launches. Intel 
| denies doing anything wrong.   
| AMD is making its presentations today, also behind closed doors.


Intel Describes How Credit Crunch Can Hurt

,----[ Quote ]
| "The recent financial crisis could negatively affect our business, results of
| operations, and financial condition," Intel wrote in its 10Q filing,
| published by the SEC on Friday.



Intel overwhelmed by EU complaints

,----[ Quote ]
| So many charges, so little time.
| Intel Chairman Craig Barrett appears overwhelmed by a European Union 
| investigation into the company's actions. Earlier this month, European 
| Competition Commission officials busted open Intel offices in Munich, hunting 
| for documents related to alleged price fixing with retailers. That raid added 
| to an existing EC investigation into Intel's business practices.    


Laptop-Project Founder Faults Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| Oscar Becerra Tresierra, general director for educational technology at 
| Peru's Ministry of Education, says that after the country recently agreed to 
| buy 272,500 OLPC laptops for primary-school students, an Intel sales 
|                                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^
| representative tried "to scare us" by claiming the machines and their power 
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| adapters didn't work. "I don't feel very happy about it," he said. "We  
| wouldn't like the project to fail because somebody is spreading gossip about 
|                                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the machines that doesn't turn out to be true."     


Intel: doing the dirty on OLPC

,----[ Quote ] 
| Intel’s agreement with the OLPC Foundation included a ‘non disparagement’ 
| clause, under which Intel and One Laptop promised not to criticize each 
| other, according to Nicholas Negroponte in the latest article in the Wall 
| Street Journal.   
| Still Intel tactics have violated that repeatedly to kill OLPC efforts in 
| Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, India, China and Intel is also still trying to pull 
| those tactics in Mexico, Brazil.  
| This is simply disgracefull of Intel, scandalous.
| But Negroponte has signed an agreement saying that he is not allowed to 
| criticize Intel, so he is not allowed to talk about these shameless tactics 
| even though Intel is the one violating the agreement.  
| So only independant voices on the Internet can get those messages of truth 
| out about Intels tactics. 
| In Nigeria, Intel came and donated 3000 laptops to counter OLPC efforts, then 
| sells 17 thousand Classmates to Nigeria at a loss. 
| Then Microsoft corrupted Nigerian officials with 400 thousand dollars to 
| install Windows XP on those instead of Mandriva Linux. 


Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


Microsoft 'Caves' To Intel 

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