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[News] Microsoft's Gangsters Pressure Free/Open Source Software Out of Events

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Microsoft and Salesforce bounce open-source competitors from events

,----[ Quote ]
| At last year's EduCause conference, an inside source tells me, Microsoft 
| refused to sponsor the conference unless the conference organizers denied 
| Zimbra the opportunity to take a big, prominent booth at the event.   


But hey! Why the obsession with Microsoft? What does it ever do to Free(dom)


"Then, they fight you"

,----[ Quote ]
| I asked the organizers if our Free Software Group could hold a short session
| about the benefits of FOSS in education, with references to Ubuntu, Edubuntu
| and Kiwilinux and we were given a slot after the ones which had already been
| planned a while ago - those of Microsoft, Cisco and a local company that
| sells education software for Romanian schools.
| [...]
| That was two days ago but yesterday we were notified that the Microsoft 
| representative in charge with the education strategy had requested the  
| organizers to pull the Ubuntu presentation because it is ‘unfair competition’ 
| to hold such a presentation at an event sponsored by them. They are indeed 
| co-sponsors but the conference is organized by the Ministry of Education and 
| its local office, and is being held on the premises of a public University.    
| It is sad to know they are resorting to this sort of coercing and that they
| have such influence over the educators but looking on the bright side of it,
| and that's how I perceived it after thinking a bit about it, THEY ARE

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