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[News] Linux Patent Pool Keeps the Kernel Safe

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Making the world 'safe for Linux'

,----[ Quote ]
| The OIN is refining the traditional IP model by acquiring strategic software 
| patents and making them available royalty-free, for any use, to any 
| organization that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux system. 
| This frees organizations to make significant corporate and capital 
| expenditure investments in Linux -- helping to fuel economic growth and 
| technological innovation.     
| The proliferation of open source hardware and software platforms is an 
| irreversible trend, Bergelt added. As open source continues to accelerate 
| beyond the enterprise to mobile devices and the desktop, the OIN would 
| continue to work for the common good, creating a Linux IP "No-Fly Zone" that 
| ensures the Linux ecosystem will not be impaired by intellectual property 
| rights issues.      




Linux patent pool to push for 'defensive publication'

,----[ Quote ]
| In coming weeks, OIN will reveal more details of the site, which Bergelt
| described as "a production environment where we educate and train people to
| do this. We'll work with them to make sure it's put in a form that is
| acceptable."
| The effort will serve as a counterpart to OIN's existing strategy, under
| which it provides its patents royalty-free to companies in exchange for a
| commitment that they won't assert their patents against the Linux system. Its
| backers include NEC, IBM, Novell, Philips, Red Hat, and Sony. Google, Oracle
| and Alfresco are among the licensees.


Join LiMo, avoid a patent pantsing from the big lads

,----[ Quote ]
| For all its talk of openness, just a quarter of the code in the LiMo
| Foundation's mobile platform is open source, making it a minefield to
| navigate in terms of protected patents - 300,000 patents to be precise.
| [...]
| Gillis said LiMo is on track to release the second version of its platform by
| the end of the year, with the software development kits (SDKs) for Native,
| Webkit and Java coming in the fourth quarter. A compliance program is planned
| for SDKs to ensure that applications written using the toolkits can be ported
| across different handsets, although there's no date for this yet.


Getting Inventive With Software Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to OIN's CEO, Jerry
| Rosenthal, who was with IBM for 37 years before setting up OIN. His comments
| about patent trolls – companies whose business is based purely around suing
| others for alleged patent infringement, rather than on making and selling
| things – and how to deal with them, are particularly interesting in the light
| of what has happened since the interview took place.



The relentless underhanded assault against Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Luckily, we have a heavy hitter on our side, as well. A coalition of
| companies, led by IBM, NEC, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony, have created
| the Open Invention Network in order to provide Linux companies legal
| protection against these types of lawsuits.  


Alfresco Becomes Open Invention Network Licensee

,----[ Quote ]
| Alfresco Software has become an Open Invention Network licensee. Alfresco is
| one of the first Open Invention Network startup licensees, joining a growing
| number of leading information technology firms that are dedicated to
| maintaining the health, vitality and collaborative power of Linux.


Microsoft Gives OIN the Cold Shoulder

,----[ Quote ]
| “We are always evaluating licensing opportunities but don’t have
| anything specific to say about OIN. However, we remain committed to
| building bridges within the industry,” he said.
| That response is a little more vague than that from a Microsoft
| spokesperson who told eWEEK previously that “while Microsoft
| actively participates in a wide variety of industry organizations,
| the company has no plans to join the OIN at this stage.”


Microsoft spreads Linux patents FUD

,----[ Quote ]
| Could it have something to do with taking a big stick and little
| carrot approach to lucrative commercial deals, such as we have seen
| recently with the Novell 'we won't sue you if you jump into bed with
| us' pact? Or perhaps it is more a case of running scared from the
| big stick that the Open Invention Network (OIN), with members such
| as IBM, Philips and Sony at the helm, has been carving which might
| just be long enough to poke Microsoft in the eye and heavy enough
| to do some serious damage in the patent litigation department?


Awards and Moglen mark Red Hat Summit finale

,----[ Quote ]
| We discussed his personal history with Brad Smith, Microsoft's
| general counsel; the battle with Microsoft over its patent agreement
| with Novell, and what he would like for his students, programmers,
| and even reporters on the fringes of media corporations to learn
| about how to change the world.


US company in talks with IT firms to push Linux system

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Invention Network (OIN), a US firm funded by six companies
| including IBM and Red Hat, is exploring possibilities in India
| to spur innovation and protect the Linux systems widely seen as
| a slow but certain challenge to Microsoft's propriet ary Windows
| operating system.
| Linux is a free operating system and is gaining popularity with computer
| makers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo.

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