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[News] Electronic Voting with Windows and Diebold a Failure

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More touch-screen machines malfunction

,----[ Quote ]
| If more evidence was needed to explain why California has mostly abandoned 
| touch-screen voting, Santa Clara County provided it this week. Fifty-seven 
| electronic voting machines for the disabled malfunctioned Tuesday and could 
| not be replaced for hours, despite requirements that they be available in 
| each precinct.    


In this particular case it's a hardware issue too.


Malfunctioning Machines, Ballot Glitches, Election-Law Litigation -- and a Busy
Day for Lawyers

,----[ Quote ]
| Lawyers who volunteered to take calls and monitor polling locations
| nationwide on Tuesday reported voting machine malfunctions, polling places
| opening late and numerous incidences of names missing from voter registration
| rolls.


Election Day Observations From the Legal Community

,----[ Quote ]
| Election monitors, lawyers, bloggers and other commentators reflected on the
| election season's twists and turns as voting got under way Tuesday. Among the
| reflections and observations: the sighting of new trickery on social
| networking sites and in text messages; mixed reviews for the voting process
| in a familiar battleground state; a look at the political seesawing over the
| legality of same-sex marriage; and predictions on the likelihood -- or not --
| of another Bush v. Gore.


It's Time to Rediscover the Constitution

,----[ Quote ]
| What does our nation’s splendid and durable founding document, the United
| States Constitution, have to do to garner the respect it deserves? Sure,
| American politicians, journalists, jurists, lawyers and teachers repeatedly
| stress its enduring importance, but continuing national ignorance of even the
| most basic constitutional facts is all too obvious.


Presidential Election Voting Machines Violate Copyrights, Suit Claims

,----[ Quote ]
| Artifex Software, of San Rafael, Calif., claims that PES systems infringe on
| its copyrighted Ghostscript PFD interpretation and printing software. Artifex
| claims PES is using Ghostscript in its electronic election systems even
| though Diebold and PES "have not been granted a license to modify, copy, or
| distribute any of Artifex's copyrighted works," Artifex claims in court
| papers filed late last month in U.S. District Court for Northern California.


Law Center Sends Letter to States About Vote-Flipping Machines


The Vote Grab: Voting machines are unreliable and inaccurate


Texas Voters Urged to Avoid Straight-Party Option, After Vote-Flip Complaints


Are design issues to blame for vote 'flipping' in touch-screen machines?


Princeton report rips N.J. e-voting machines as easily hackable


Open source: How e-voting should be done

,----[ Quote ]
| An open source approach to open voting systems is essential to the integrity
| of our electoral process.


How Brazil has put an 'e' in vote

,----[ Quote ]
| This week the BBC World Service's Digital Planet programme is in Brazil.
| Here the show takes a look at the country's pioneering use of electronic
| voting and how it has changed the way officials are elected.


N.J. voting machines vulnerable, report says

,----[ Quote ]
| Some 10,000 voting machines in New Jersey could be hacked into in less than
| 10 minutes to manipulate vote tallies, which critics say puts the integrity
| of elections in New Jersey into question, according to a once-suppressed
| report by a Princeton University computer scientist that was released to the
| public Friday.


Judge Suppresses Report on Voting Machine Security

,----[ Quote ]
| A judge of the New Jersey Superior Court has prohibited the scheduled release
| of a report on the security and accuracy of the Sequoia AVC Advantage voting
| machine. Last June, Judge Linda Feinberg ordered Sequoia Voting Systems to
| turn over its source code to me (serving as an expert witness, assisted by a
| team of computer scientists) for a thorough examination. At that time she
| also ordered that we could publish our report 30 days after delivering it to
| the Court--which should have been today.


Voting machine gets LinuxWorld tryout

,----[ Quote ]
| On Tuesday their machine will be put to the test at LinuxWorld in San
| Francisco, where the 10,000 people who are expected to attend the conference
| will get to vote in a mock presidential election pitting Barack Obama against
| John McCain.
| "The voting system in the U.S. is still not sufficiently accurate to
| determine the winner in a very close election," said Dechert, who has worked
| at Borland International and Intel developing and testing software. "By the
| time we're done (with the mock election), nobody will have any doubt."
| The LinuxWorld conference is held every year in San Francisco to discuss
| open-source software - software whose code is designed and maintained by
| volunteers. The conference takes its name from Linux, a computer operating
| system designed by Linus Torvalds in the 1990s that has a passionate
| following. It competes against Microsoft Windows and has spawned software for
| numerous devices, including voting machines.


Open-source electronic voting

,----[ Quote ]
| An election worker would then scan the bar code to record the vote. At the
| end of the election or at choice points during the day, a tally sheet could
| be printed, also with a barcode. The barcode uses Open Source PDF-417, a
| standard that is also used in identification cards and inventory systems and
| can be read by most scanners. Within the two-dimensional bar code is a
| numerical-coded sequence that shows how a person voted. There is also a
| unique identifier so that the ballot cannot be counted a second time. The
| printed ballot cannot be linked with a specific person, but the ballot can be
| associated with the electronic tally stored in the computer.


Microsoft Muscles the NYS Legislature

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft’s proposed change to state law would effectively render
| our current requirements for escrow and the ability for independent
| review of source code in the event of disputes completely meaningless
| - and with it the protections the public fought so hard for.


Are You Ready for Open Voting?

,----[ Quote ]
| They're putting their money where their mouth is, too: they've developed a
| prototype system in Python on Linux that is open source and designed for ease
| of use, as well as to preserve a paper trail. The current goal is to get the
| system adopted by California in time for the 2008 elections.


Open, Accurate Electronic Voting? It Can Be Done.

,----[ Quote ]
| The Consortium's volunteers developed the software for the PC based Ubuntu
| (or Linux) operating system. Ubuntu is free and open-source and, most
| importantly, is publicly available. On January 12th of this year the software
| was successfully used in connection with an election.


Open Voting Process Demonstrated in San Luis Obispo

,----[ Quote ]
| We used the Ubuntu (Linux) operating system, which is also free and open
| source. As always, our code is publicly available [1].


Voting 2.0, Part 1: The Trouble With Closed Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| "The biggest problem is the lack of transparency in voting technology,"
| Felten, who is professor of computer science and public affairs and director
| of the center for information technology policy at Princeton, told
| LinuxInsider.
| "This means not only that it's difficult for citizens to know the details of
| how their votes have been counted, but also the lack of transparency extends
| to Election Day," Felten explained. "You want to know not only what is the
| technology counting the votes, but also that on Election Day it counts them
| correctly."
| Several examples have surfaced in recent years that suggest there is cause
| for concern.


Voting 2.0, Part 2: The Open Source Proposition

,----[ Quote ]
| As designed, however, the Ubuntu-based system is also voter-verifiable
| because the public can review in advance the screens they'll see on Election
| Day, presented as pre-rendered picture files.


Open source software use sought in automated election system

,----[ Quote ]
| A newly organized group of information technology professionals has called on
| government to use open standards and open source technology for the
| automation of elections in the Philippines.
| [...]
| Ito Gruet, who is an IT professional and member of the Advocacy for Open
| Systems in Elections, said the use of open standards or open source
| technology would promote "transparency" in the development of the automated
| election system.



The brazilian Election Supreme Court migrates 430 thousand voting machines to
GNU / Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The brazilian Election Supreme Court announced at April 4th 2008, that the
| 2008 elections at Brazil will use GNU / Linux electronic voting machines with
| software digital authentication.
| The Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (the brazilian Election Supreme Court),
| officially announced on April 4th, 2008, that the brazilian 2008 elections
| will use 430 thousand electronic voting machines migrated from VirtuOS and
| Windows CE to GNU / Linux and open source softwares for security and auditing
| defined by proper law.

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