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[News] A View of Firefox Features and Tricks

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Why Firefox Rocks on Linux: Great Firefox Tricks, Part III

,----[ Quote ]
| If you've used Firefox on platforms other than Linux, you've probably noticed 
| it looks pretty much the same everywhere. That's part of the Firefox 
| philosophy: make the browser look familiar everywhere, so that it's easy to 
| move from one platform to another.   
| That's all very well. But it's the little power user features that make an 
| application you look forward to using all day every day. And Firefox has a
| of special features that are written specifically for Linux users. Here are a 
| few of my favorite  


Firefox plug-in takes address book up a notch

,----[ Quote ]
| Sxip, which develops the free single sign-on plug-in for Firefox called 
| Sxipper, is working to revolutionize the use of address books by helping Web 
| surfers link their contacts to information they are searching for on the Web.  


Porn Mode for Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| A Firefox developer has revealed that pre-release versions of Firefox 3.1 
| have been updated with a new feature. Officially called 'Private Browsing' it 
| will be more familiar to many as the much talked about Porn Mode that caused 
| such controversy when Microsoft announced it was being included within the 
| forthcoming IE8 browser.    



Firefox is King

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Firefox is now the king of all browsers. --At least based on the web
| traffic data gathered from junauza.com and from a popular tech blog by known
| Windows Vista fanboy user Jeff Atwood. Firefox tops all other web browsers
| and most importantly kicked its archrival Internet Explorer out of the
| highest position.

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