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[News] Linux Compared to UNIX

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AIX v Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| A guide to making the right choice for your environment


SGI moved from UNIX to Linux...

Unisys, SGI - canaries in the coal mines

,----[ Quote ]
| While tier one server makers IBM and Sun Microsystems have reported their 
| financial results in recent weeks, and Hewlett-Packard is getting set to do 
| so in two weeks, there are other players in the server space. In some ways,  
| they're canaries in the server coal mines. Niche and boutique vendors 
| sometimes feel the pinch first, even if they do offer advantages compared to 
| the big boys.    


Sun still struggles to beat Linux with UNIX...

Sun offers OSGi app server

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun is offering on Thursday its open-source Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 
| version 3 Prelude, a Web application server based on a modular OSGi 
| architecture with capabilities from the planned Java Platform EE (Enterprise 
| Edition) 6 release.   



Red Hat Linux trumps Unix on TPC price/performance test

,----[ Quote ]
| In a recent independent test, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 Advanced
| Platform trumped all other operating systems that process more than 1 million
| transactions per minute -- and at 22% lower cost than its next closest
| competitor.


Isn't Linux just UNIX under a different name?

,----[ Quote ]
| Yet, the bottom line is Linux is not UNIX. Make no mistake. Linux was not
| derived from the original program code and it is not subject to any UNIX
| licensing arrangement (some may say constraint.) In fact, Linux is not
| legally able to call itself UNIX (and incidentally, neither is BSD anymore.)
| No, despite the affection long-timers in the industry might have for UNIX
| there’s no denying Linux has taken on a life of its own and is driving modern
| development faster than any proprietary team. In a twist of fate, Linux poses
| a challenge to the mighty Microsoft whose server-based operating systems led
| pundits to question the viability of UNIX just two decades ago.
| Linux ain’t UNIX. And in fact Linux has left UNIX behind. The UNIX name has
| become bogged down with fragmented development and legal battles making it a
| shell of its former self. Linux is the new UNIX, it alone is the embodiment
| of the elegant design and hacker spirit that UNIX originally represented.


Santa Cruz and its "Linux Strategy" Back in the 1990s

,----[ Quote ]
| Here are some more screenshots for you, showing the real Santa Cruz Operation
| relationship with Linux before the modern day SCO Group began suing the world
| and its dog. Back in the late 1990s, Santa Cruz had what it called its "Linux
| strategy". It included both money and support to help Linux succeed.
| [...]
| It's clear Santa Cruz was trying to endear itself to the Linux and Open
| Source communities. The press release references its "ongoing strategy to
| support the Linux and Open Source movements".


SCO Blast From The Past

,----[ Quote ]
| Once upon a time, there was a Linux company named SCO. They were a good
| company until evil overlords bent on sueing the world arrived on the scene.
| This isn't that story.



SCO pulps Caldera-MS trial archives

,----[ Quote ]
| The Caldera antitrust lawsuit included some of the most damning evidence of
| Microsoft misconduct; breakware, black propaganda, all was there, the
| potential embarrassment being such that there was good reason for Microsoft
| to settle, then try to pretend it never happened. Now, however, maybe it
| didn't ever happen - because the evidence is being pulped.
| AP reports that the 937 boxes of court-ordered documents, which have been in
| store since the lawsuit, are currently being destroyed at the behest of SCO,
| their owner and - surely coincidentally - Microsoft's new friend. Some 40
| boxes have been temporarily hijacked by Sun, which is busily scanning them
| for use in its own antitrust suit, but after it's done so they'll be off for
| pulping too.

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