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[News] Google's Linux Made More Free (Libre), Thanks to Hacking

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Jailbreak Makes Android a Little More Open

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, the Google Android Market isn't devoid of limitations. As the 
| Developer Distribution Agreement notes: "You agree that you will not engage 
| in any activity with the Market, including the development or distribution of 
| Products, that interferes with, disrupts, damages, or accesses in an 
| unauthorized manner the devices, servers, networks, or other properties or 
| services of any third party including, but not limited to, Android Users, 
| Google or any mobile network operator."      


On Android/OHA:

Open source in consumer electronics: What, why and how

,----[ Quote ]
| This article looks at the motives behind open source, explains where open 
| source is (and isn't) succeeding, and reveals Texas Instruments' thinking on 
| Linux and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA).  



Stars Align for T-Mobile's Open Source Google Android Phone Launches

,----[ Quote ]
| T-Mobile (News - Alert) USA, Inc reportedly marked the highly anticipated
| launch of the new T-Mobile G1, the world’s first Google (News - Alert)
| Android-powered mobile phone, among what officials are calling Hollywood’s
| hottest stars and New York’s elite tastemakers.
| Company officials say they organized exclusive, invite-only launch events in
| Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood and at a private studio in the heart of
| Hollywood.


Motorola Joins Google Android Craze

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola's Android device is expected to feature a touch screen similar to
| the Apple iPhone, T-Mobile G1 or the recently announced BlackBerry Storm from
| Research In Motion. Motorola's yet-to-be-named Android device is also
| expected to feature a G1-style physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard.


The industrious revolutionary

,----[ Quote ]
| Android has been developed using open-source technology, which is freely
| available for anyone who wishes to use it or improve it. Google's next step
| is likely to be the gPhone, which could be a fierce rival for Apple's wildly
| hyped iPhone.
| According to this version of the future, Google and other open-source
| advocates will eventually crush proprietary companies like Apple and
| Microsoft unless they, too, see the light.
| "The only positive result of America invading Iraq was that it persuaded
| China to go open-source," Dryden enthuses. "Now China has slashed the price
| of laptop computers by 90 per cent by making them without an operating
| system, which you can download for free off the net."


T-Mobile Android Smart Phone a Solid Device

,----[ Quote ]
| The innovative T-Mobile G1, the first smart phone using the Google Android
| mobile operating system, is a worthy competitor to Apple and its iPhone. The
| T-Mobile G1 is a strong consumer offering, but enterprises should wait until
| more corporate features are included.


Google updates Chrome so plugins will work better

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Chrome browser is now better at handling plugins. That the big thing
| I take away from the the new Chrome update release.


Android Gets a Hand

,----[ Quote ]
| As I wrote last week, Android's USP is openness. Although that means open to
| everyone, there is arguably an advantage to open source coding on the Android
| platform. For a start, the methodology that Android employs will be totally
| familiar, as will the idea of building on pre-existing code.


Funambol Synchronizes with Google Android

,----[ Quote ]
| U.S. firm Funambol announces an Android version of its Open Source mobile
| sync application for the new Google/T-Mobile G1 phone.


Google's Android - The Promise

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux kernel underlying both of them is covered by the GNU GPL. Unlike
| Apple, Google will not attempt to control the application ecosystem on top of
| the platform either. This is true openness.


Android vs. iPhone: No Contest for Developers

,----[ Quote ]
| "I'm not a big fan of cell phones generally, but Android-style openness -- if
| it remains as open as people hope it to be -- may change my mind on that,"
| Lord said. "I certainly hope that it puts an end to the foolishness of people
| paying dollars for ringtones, or [getting] funneled into awkward and
| expensive picture-sending systems just to get photos off their phone.
| Shouldn't every phone already allow users to drag and drop files?"


Hockenberry: App Store Policies 'Killing Our Enthusiasm'

,----[ Quote ]
| Along with Steven Frank, Fraser Speirs, Wil Shipley, and Brent Simmons,
| Hockenberry is yet another well-known and respected Macintosh developer
| expressing serious concern over his future iPhone development work.


SDK shoot-out: Android vs. iPhone

,----[ Quote ]
| The iPhone and Android phones both ship with Web browsers based on the WebKit
| rendering engine. That means Web applications designed for one will render
| almost identically on the other, provided their developers adhere to
| published standards. Those same applications will also render on WebKit-based
| desktop browsers, such as Safari and Google Chrome, and on any other browsers
| that implement the standards correctly.
| Based on that, all this talk of SDKs seems almost foolish. The iPhone may
| have more market share than Android today, but the standards-based Web has
| far more market share than both combined. So you tell me: If you're a
| developer, where's the smart money? The iPhone App Store? The Android SDK? Or
| somewhere else?


The iPhone Is Now Doomed

,----[ Quote ]
| I cannot claim to be a developer, but I have been watching the whole iPhone
| application development issues with interest. As of today’s news, it appears
| that the iPhone development process is like this:
|    1. Ask Apple for permission to make an application.
|    2. Sign a non-disclosure agreement.
|    3. Invest time and money into an iPhone application.
|    4. Ask Apple for permission to sell or give away your application.
|    5. If Apple says YES: start making money and hope Apple does not change
|       their minds.
|       If Apple says NO: shut up and deal with it. If you say anything, Apple
|       can sue you, further raising the wasted investment money.

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