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[News] Embedded Linux Leader Explain Free Software Advantage

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Making More of a Contribution

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux world provides formalized ways of doing this, with repositories for 
| posting code until clean, at which point it becomes a candidate for inclusion 
| in a future version of Linux on kernel.org, the “official” Linux distribution 
| vehicle. Anyone can contribute code, but not everyone does. In fact, at 
| MontaVista’s recent VISION conference, CTO Jim Ready pointed out that of the 
| top contributing companies to Linux, only one from the embedded world 
| (surprise – MontaVista) was in the top 30, at number 9, with 1.2% of the 
| contributions. Everyone else was enterprise- or PC-oriented. It didn’t seem 
| like Jim was using this fact to pat MontaVista’s back, but rather to suggest 
| that the embedded community isn’t doing its part in improving Linux. And this 
| can come at a real cost, since embedded systems have significant requirements 
| that won’t necessarily be considered without staunch embedded advocates.           



An interview with Jim Ready

,----[ Quote ]
| We can all be quite proud of the enormous progress Linux has made in
| transforming the embedded OS marketplace from one which was highly fragmented
| and largely devoid of standards, to an environment based upon a highly
| functional OS which is a truly open standard: Linux.


Linux prominent in chip show awards

,----[ Quote ]
| Timesys won Best in Show at the 2008 Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) for its
| Online Linux Factory. San Juan Software won the other Best in Show for its
| ZigBee controller platform, and Nuvation won an award for an
| air-hockey-playing "Flexis AC Face-off" robot (pictured).


Why Linux won the embedded market?

,----[ Quote ]
| One story not told often enough involves Linux’ growing domination of the
| embedded market.
| In this space Linux usually stacks up against older Real Time Operating
| Systems (RTOS). The decision by Wind River, the largest RTOS vendor, to
| migrate toward Linux was a turning point.
| There has been no turning back. But this is not an open source story. In
| fact, the embedded Linux business looks a lot like the rest of the embedded
| market.


Microsoft Worried Over Linux Dominance In Embedded Space

,----[ Quote ]
| Renames its family of products to target the embedded market.


Who's afraid of embedded Linux? Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| ...Microsoft is fighting a losing battle here. It's like gravity.
| Eventually you just stop fighting and learn to accept it. Even Microsoft.

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