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[News] Microsoft is Dumping, GNU/Linux Envy and Fear to Blame

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What Microsoft giveth, Jive taketh away

,----[ Quote ]
| Will it work? No. Good startups are always looking to save money, and will 
| appreciate the "free production licenses for application hosting and 
| management servers, including Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft 
| Office SharePoint Portal Server, BizTalk Server and Systems Center and soon, 
| Microsoft Dynamics CRM," as OStatic suggests. But they're unlikely to move to 
| Windows from Linux, for example, because Linux is a long-term performance and 
| cost choice, not a three-year "I'll use it because it's free...for now" 
| choice (which is all that BizSpark gets new startups.       
| [....]
| The two companies - Microsoft and Jive - arrived at very different 
| conclusions as to what would drive sales for them. This will ever be the 
| case, and it's what makes open source, in particular, so fascinating. One 
| person's cancer is another person's freedom, as it were. The value of 'free' 
| shifts and changes over time.    


Why Microsoft is running scared of Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is frightened. Even Ballmer is telling users that they can skip 
| Vista, which tells you everything you need to know about Vista's failure. In 
| the past, Microsoft wouldn't have sweated this kind of flop. "What can users 
| do?" they'd say. "Move to Linux or Macs? Ha!" That was then. This is now.   
| Today, major PC vendors are selling netbooks like hotcakes on a cold Vermont 
| morning and three out of ten of those are running Linux. As my comrade in 
| arms, Preston Gralla observes, "Microsoft isn't just worried about ceding 30 
| percent of the netbook market to Linux. It's also worried that if people get 
| used to Linux on netbooks, they'll consider buying Linux on desktop PCs. 
| Here's what Dickie Chang, an analyst at research firm IDC in Taipei, told 
| Bloomberg about that: 'It's a real threat to Microsoft. It gives users a 
| chance to see and try something new, showing them there is an alternative.'"        


Microsoft can't dump forever. They need income. They approach debt.


Microsoft offers free software to start-ups

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has slashed the cost for internet and technology start-ups to use
| its software and servers in an attempt to attract the latest generation of
| programmers away from Open Source rivals like Linux.


Microsoft's Biz Spark is Another Direct Shot at Open Source


Microsoft's Answer to The Open Source Threat

,----[ Quote ]
| The introduction of BizSpark clearly indicates that Microsoft wants start-ups
| to defer from using open source software such as Linux.


Microsoft offers South Korea $60 million 'encouragement' to use its software

,----[ Quote ]
| IN WHAT APPEARS to be a rather desperate move by Microsoft, the firm is
| actually paying South Korea $60 million just to use its software.


Microsoft Against Free Software... But In Favor Of Paying Nations To Use Its

,----[ Quote ]
| With more and more countries aggressively moving to embrace free and open
| source software, it appears that Microsoft is using its own money to its
| advantage, such as with this agreement to hand over $60 million to South
| Korea to get it to use its software, rather than the alternatives.

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