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[News] Creative Labs Finally Embraces the GNU GPL

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Creative Gives In, They Open-Source Their X-Fi Driver

,----[ Quote ]
| The Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card driver for Linux from Creative Labs was 
| awful. That's simply the nicest way to put it. The driver was home to many 
| bugs, initially only supported 64-bit Linux, and it was arriving extremely 
| late. The open-source drivers supporting the Creative X-Fi drivers have also 
| been at a stand still. However, Creative Labs today has finally turned this 
| situation around and they have open-sourced the code to this notorious 
| driver. The source-code for the Creative X-Fi driver is now licensed under 
| the GNU GPLv2.Creative Gives In, They Open-Source Their X-Fi Driver        


Creative releases Linux X-Fi driver under the GPL



ALSA Driver For The Creative X-Fi Appears

,----[ Quote ]
| ALSA, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, now has an experimental Creative
| X-Fi driver.


Creative releases a new v1.18 Beta driver for X-FI cards

,----[ Quote ]
| Creative has received a lot of comments and rants (a lot of them well earned)
| from the Linux community for not supporting their X-FI cards on the GNU/Linux
| platform. Earlier, in august 2007, they did a release of a Beta driver, that
| seemed to leave a lot to wish for, even being a Beta driver. It was only
| released for 64 bit systems, and didn't work for a lot of users. You want
| proof? Just check the forums at Creative.    


Creative Tries Again At Linux Drivers

,----[ Quote ]
| Months went by after that release with no signs of another beta, but back in
| February of this year, 4Front Technologies had announced an update to the
| Open Sound System (OSS) with initial support for the X-Fi series. Unlike
| support for some of the other sound cards on the market, the X-Fi support in  
| its (sbxfi) driver wasn't reverse-engineered but Creative Labs had provided
| some source-code and header files to 4Front Technologies (Open-Source
| Creative X-Fi Support). These code files though had confidential markings,
| but two days later it was found out that this was legal and Creative Labs is
| interacting with both the OSS and ALSA projects. They had finally joined the
| open-source bandwagon.        


Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

,----[ Quote ]
| Posting a forum message on its website last weekend, Creative threatened
| Daniel_K with legal action, accusing him of infringing its intellectual
| property. The company removed forum posts from the developer containing links
| to his work.  
| [...]
| Daniel_K is incensed by Creative. "They publicly threatened me, just to show
| their arrogance," he told El Reg by email.


Creative Labs : Product Boards : Sound Blaster : Message to Daniel_K

,----[ Quote ]
| [...]
| To be clear, we are asking you to respect our legal rights in this matter and
| cease all further unauthorized distribution of our technology and IP.  In
| addition we request that you observe our forum rules and respect our right to
| enforce those rules.  If you are in any doubt as to what we would consider
| unacceptable then please request clarification through one of our forum
| moderators before posting.    
| Phil O'Shaughnessy
| VP Corporate Communications
| Creative Labs Inc.
| [...]
| My god, you guys got some balls on you, either that or you'r all bordeline
| mad.
| He offered a service you guys cant/wont, and in so madde a lot og YOUR
| customers happy about their product again.
| Now you wanna whipe him out and keep him silent by threatning about legal
| actions.
| This is a beyond retarded, shame on you, shame on you.



Creative Joining The Open Bandwagon

,----[ Quote ]
| It's official, Creative Labs is joining the open specification/code bandwagon
| for the X-Fi series. Earlier this week we shared that through the Open Sound
| System there is now open-source support for the Sound Blaster X-Fi.  


Why Vista sounds worse

,----[ Quote ]
| Changes to how the latest version of Windows handles audio playback has
| caused unexpected quality issues for musicians and consumers alike, reports
| Tim Anderson  


Audio in Linux is awesome

,----[ Quote ]
| I can’t wait for PulseAudio. I’m sure that will make all of this even easier.

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