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[News] User Interface in KDE Make More Sense Than Windows

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GNU/Linux is user-friendly - and logical too

,----[ Quote ]
| That's why people can reconcile themselves to using an operating system where 
| you click on Start in order to shut the system down. 
| [...]
| Once again, I don't know what distribution refused to communicate with Davey. 
| Every time I put in an USB key in my AMD64 box, a little dialgoue box pops up 
| asking me what I would like to do and giving me three or four choices. When I 
| pop in a DVD, VLC comes up and plays it. Let me be honest, I would much 
| rather do this manually but that's the control freak in me speaking.    
| There is an impression that Windows comes configured out of the box to do 
| many things. As someone who is called on to build grey boxes twice or thrice 
| a year and install and configure Windows for friends, let me assure you that 
| this is far from the truth.   


Kelsey Bjarnason and Peter Köhlmann wrote some good posts about this too.


Usability in Open Source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Celeste Lyn Paul is Senior Interaction Architect for User-Centered Design, 
| Inc., organizes the KDE Usability Project, and works with open source 
| projects such as KDE, Linux Foundation, OpenUsability, and Ubuntu.  


Looking Back on Three Years of OpenUsability with Jan Mühlig

,----[ Quote ]
| The Season of Usability, which Ellen initiated, which thus far
| has been very successful is a clear sign that we are on the
| right track. The other important thing coming up will be to
| launching the new OpenUsability platform which should very
| much ease collaboration.

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