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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Passes Its Bad Reputation to Innocent Victims

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Microsoft's 'M' treads on US veterans' toes

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is in hot water again for again taking the name of someone else's 
| software for one of its fledgling products 
| It's emerged Microsoft's M programming language shares the same name as a 
| 30-year-old open language used by the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) 
| along with tens of thousands of users in medicine and business world wide. 
| Even the former Soviet Union's iron-fisted rulers and its KGB spooks used the 
| language.    



Fiji's fury over Microsoft's Pacific solution

,----[ Quote ]
| "Fiji's military government has written to the software giant Microsoft
| demanding the company not use their country name in any of its products."
| Fiji's interim attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum today released a letter
| sent to Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates yesterday, after media reports the
| software company may call its yet-to-be-released software "Windows Fiji".


The Other Vista: Successful and Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The is a clear pattern to open source's continuing rise. The first free
| software that was deployed was at the bottom of the enterprise software
| stack: GNU/Linux, Apache, Sendmail, BIND. Later, databases and middleware
| layers were added in the form of popular programs like MySQL and Jboss. More
| recently, there have been an increasing number of applications serving the
| top of the software stack, addressing sectors like enterprise content
| management, customer relationship management, business intelligence and, most
| recently, data warehousing.
| But all of these are generic programs, applicable to any industry: the next
| frontier for free software will be vertical applications serving particular
| sectors. In fact, we already have one success in this area, but few people
| know about it outside the industry it serves. Recent events mean that may be
| about to change.
| The basic program is called VistA; the name was chosen well before a Certain
| Other Company copied the move, and the code began life as an electronic
| health records system for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)...


Google reputation hits top spot

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has finally managed to push Microsoft from its top spot.
| The Vole actually fell to tenth place in the annual Harris Interactive
| Reputation Quotient poll, but overall, the tech sector did outstandingly well
| this year.


Microsoft’s credibility turning to junk while Linux revenue grows

,----[ Quote ]
| Sweeping changes are needed in Microsoft’s go-to-market approach, and it may
| find more success by creating products like Live Writer, which found a huge
| following right away. Continuing on its current path, the company will
| continue to destroy its credibility and build animosity with users looking
| for quality products on their terms.    


Microsoft Plummets, Retail Falls While Beauty Gains in CoreBrand 2007 Brand
Power Rankings

,----[ Quote ]
| The annual "CoreBrand Brand Power 100" Branding Index(R) of 1,200 US
| corporations ranks Coca-Cola Company and Johnson & Johnson at #1 and #2
| respectively, unchanged since 2004. Meanwhile, Microsoft's corporate brand
| declined in stunning fashion over the past four years, falling from 11 in
| 2004 to 59 in 2007 Microsoft, a decline of 48 places!    


,----[ Quote ]
| Would you believe... that Microsoft has dropped down to #86 within the
| Fortune Best Places to Work survey? That's down from #50 in 2007 and #42 in
| 2006. Like a rock. In a bad way. And who is #1 for two years in a row? Grab
| that chair and give it a big effen toss in the air to Google! Toot! They get
| bigger and they're still #1.    


Apple has biggest impact on world consumers: survey

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, the world's largest software maker was also a winner, but it
| received the dubious honor of the brand most readers wanted to argue with,
| and the one they most wanted to revamp. Voted into second place in the
| category was brand USA.  

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