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[News] Legal System in the US Seen as Technophobic, Broken

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Bilski: What It Means, Part 2 -- Listening to the Dissenting Opinions

,----[ Quote ]
| There probably isn't a single judge on this court who grew up with computers 
| in his or her life. But look at their backgrounds a little more carefully, 
| and you'll see that while they may not know what you know about tech, they 
| are certainly highly educated and highly accomplished individuals in their 
| area of expertise, namely patent law. Let's focus on those who wrote 
| opinions, now.     


U.S. Courts: New Criteria for Software Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| FOSS lawyers see the decision as a good basis for changes to patent laws. 
| They caution, however, that the software world will have to figure on 
| increasing lobbying efforts from past patent seekers and "beneficiaries of 
| the status quo." The Red Hat press release ends on a positive note with "We 
| have a battle before us, but it is a battle we can win."    


Judges warned about RIAA antics

,----[ Quote ]
| AMERICA'S TOP JUDGES have been briefed on the antics of the Recording
| Industry Association of America.
| New York attorney Ray Beckerman has written a paper for the American Bar
| Association's Judge's Journal's bumper summer issue.
| Beckerman, who defends people sued by the MAFIAA, told judges about the finer
| points of case law relating to the wave of P2P cases.


RIAA Hopes New Judge will Nab Sharers

,----[ Quote ]
| Rather that directing the lawsuit at the same defendants as before, the RIAA
| directed it at John Doe (a defendant to be identified later), therefore
| obtaining a new judge ... who may not be so strict about the "making
| available" clauses.
| Nice move, RIAA.


Microsoft Misleads on Copyright Reform

,----[ Quote ]
| The Hill Times this week includes an astonishingly misleading and factually
| incorrect article on Canadian copyright written by Microsoft.


Canada moots tough sanctions for DRM flouters

,----[ Quote ]
| The Canadian government today unveiled a controversial proposal to update the
| country's copyright laws.
| [...]
| It's a somewhat confusing solution that government officials behind the bill
| call a "balanced approach to truly benefit Canadians".


Under Pressure, ISP Admits Secret Web Snooping in Kansas

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet service provider Embarq eavesdropped on the web surfing habits of
| 26,000 customers in Kansas without notifying them personally, as part of its
| test of new, controversial advertising technology that profiles users, the
| company told federal lawmakers Wednesday.


UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the BBC this week's deal takes the form of a Memorandum of
| Understanding between the ISPs and the Department for Business, Enterprise &
| Regulatory Reform (BERR). Under it, ISPs are reported to have committed to
| achieving a significant reduction in illegal filesharing, and to educate
| their customers on copyright. They need only follow the shining examples of
| the RIAA and the BPI and lo, it will be done.

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