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[News] Microsoft Boot Lickers Use Mozilla Firefox

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Pardon me Microsoft Windows 7, your Firefox is showing

,----[ Quote ]
| Yet, the camera caught more than just Microsoft software on his laptop, with 
| Mozilla Firefox plain to see. 



Yahoo.com promoting Firefox 3!

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo is offering a customized Firefox 3 edition which comes with some
| customizations optimized for Yahoo users:
| • The world’s homepage with built-in Search powered by Yahoo!
| • Yahoo! Search with Search Assist for instant suggestions as you type, and
|   SearchScan for added safety
| • Yahoo! Toolbar to keep your favorites at your fingertips


Microsoft tells Mac users to get Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft killed its proprietary IE engine for Mac OS X and removed it from
| the firms' download pages in early 2006, suggesting at the time
| that "Macintosh users migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such
| as Apple's Safari." While testing the Flash plug-in for Linux and the very
| nice Preferences Toolbar we decided to switch to the IE 5.0 for Macintosh
| user-agent on Microsoft's MSN Video web page.



Microsoft PR bunnies love Firefox - shocka

,----[ Quote ]
| We put a call into them today to check on a glitch on the MS Security Central
| site.


Firefox at Mix08

,----[ Quote ]
| So as we're going through the presentation I began to notice a couple of
| things, the bloke was using both IE and Firefox, but every time he needed to
| demonstrate some technical point, like showing and us how the page code looks
| and why it's right or wrong in terms of SEO, he'd switch to Firefox and use
| tools like Firebug or the Web Developer tool bar that are add-ons to Firefox.
| But even more interesting than this, is that I know you can get similar tools
| for IE, they're available through Microsoft Marketplace..... at a price. But
| obviously even Microsoft partners aren't willing to pay that price, and
| prefer the Free (and open) tool sets that are available for Firefox.


IE7 users: beware! Microsoft telling their staff not to touch it...

,----[ Quote ]
| My mum's friend, who's been working for Microsoft for quite a while,
| just told my mum that Microsoft have started telling their employees
| not to use IE7 as it crashes a lot.


[Humour] Microsoft's Future Former CEO Throws Tables During Interview

,----[ Quote ]
| "I was shocked to the point that I passed a wee bit of a toot. It made me
| feel not-so-fresh for the remainder of the interview," Blanston recalled.
| When asked about his choice of internet platforms, Ballmer mentioned that the
| browser came pre-loaded on his Dell Laptop and he couldn't figure out how to
| uninstall it, change the homepage, or find where IE was.
| Realizing the conundrum he was in after Blanston snickered, Ballmer quickly
| became "overly emotional, like a chick I used to date" according to the
| interviewer. "He told me to shut the hell up or he'd 'beat my hippie ass'."
| Ballmer has described Blanston's account of the incident as a "gross
| exaggeration of what actually took place."


Microsoft adCenter Suggests Accessing Site Using Firefox!

,----[ Quote ]
| At a dead end here, I decided to contact the Microsoft adCenter
| Support center at their toll-free number, 800-518-5689. Within
| minutes I was connected to a woman named Helen from their call
| center in Seattle. I explained what the situation was to Helen,
| and immediately she wanted to help troubleshoot the problem.
| Helen asked me if I had other Web browsers installed on my
| computer, such as Firefox.
| Priceless! I asked Helen if I heard her correctly? I asked
| her if she wanted me to try to access the sign up page using
| Firefox. She again, prompted me to load the page in Firefox
| just to see if there were any compatibility issues using
| Internet Explorer. During this conversation, I couldn't help
| but express to Helen how bizarre it is that a Microsoft
| adCenter Support representative is asking me to load a
| Microsoft related page using Firefox. At this point, just
| to fulfill my curiosity, I decided to go along with this
| and access the page using Firefox 1.5. After waiting a few
| minutes for the browser to load, I accessed the sign up
| page and filled out the application and transmitted the
| form. Sure enough, IT WORKED!


Microsoft Steers Firefox Users Wrong On XP SP1

,----[ Quote ]
| After the Oct. 10 security updates, Microsoft will no longer distribute
| fixes to Windows XP SP1 users, including any meant to patch IE 6 SP1,
| the browser edition included with the pack. In addition, Windows XP SP1
| users will not be able to update to the more secure IE 7 when that
| releases in final form later this year.

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